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YOU JUST THOUGHT YOU KNEW WHY HARRY’S PISSED AT THE SHERIFF.  YOU DON’T. https://www.kcentv.com/article/news/local/waco-business-owner-donates-2500-to-mclennan-county-cold-case-unit/500-521090738 George’s owner donates to new Cold Case Unit By KRISTIN HOPPA khoppa@wacotrib.com McLennan County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Terry Fuller (from left), Capt. Steve January, George’s Restaurant owner Sammy Citrano III, Sheriff Parnell McNamara and Chief Deputy David Kilcrease stand outside commissioners … Continue reading

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                                                          “Oh, hell no” Waco School Superintendent Marcus Nelson, less than 2 lousy grams of weed.  Sad.   Not here in the belly of injustice.  Yeah, yeah, … Continue reading

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 APPEALS COURT PUBLISHES OPINION ON CHANEY,  DAVID SPENCE NOT FAR BEHIND,  THANK YOU BITE MARKS,  JUNK SCIENCE,  CROOKS,  AND INNOCENT MEN   December 26th., 2018   Steven Mark Chaney Opinion                Published December 26th., 2018            The OPINION IS 68 PAGES LONG HERE IS AN EXCERPT … Continue reading

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             SURPRISED?   NEVER trust a man under 5’8.   Will Hutson had every chance to “make it right.”   He didn’t.  He had a client who went to him and told him that he (the client) had received a call for a bribe.  The caller asked for $15K to “make … Continue reading

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“Hey, Ralph” 254 757-5000 Hey,  Oprah, here’s the Judge’s number for that interview………. Actually,  I just enjoyed making a crank call to 19th. District Court and saying I was Oprah Winfrey,  hope you do too.   TODAY CBS  MORNING NEWS TAKES AIM AT WACO OBVIOUS CORRUPTION   “It would be nice if the Judge DID … Continue reading

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     “HALF of TEXAS’ sitting District Attorneys lost in contested primaries The Venerable Texas Tribune takes a look at our illustrious Abel Reyna and other DA losses,  seems Abel ain’t alone.  Abel’s “lock them up” approach to the 2015 TWIN PEAKS incident seems to be where they lay the blame.  Hmm.  Seems everyone knows … Continue reading

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           Phil Reyna thinks the Waco Tribune Herald AND it’s top fat boy reporter,  TOMMY WITHERSPOON suck.  I thought at first they blamed the ass chewing by the sleeping Judge,  ole Doug Shaver.  When Shaver came out with his remarks about Abel Reyna and said that he,  (Shaver) had seen Abel’s … Continue reading