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Riding herd on the lawless all the way to the Pawnshop with your guns                                                         EVIDENCE OF A DESPERATE FOR MONEY IDIOT  Anyone so stupid as to hock someone … Continue reading

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In 1980, Gerhardt “Gerry” Hefele came to my apartment, he told me that “Johnny Ash”, a man I did not know and have never met, had killed Lily Hefele to collect a gambling debt Gerhardt Hefele owed to Ash.  I, along with numerous other people have told the same story for forty years, finally, someone … Continue reading

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                      ENOUGH       We know Parnell loves the ladies, married ones too, always kind of a half blackmail thing there in place.  Spouses find out, both go down.  Exciting.  This time, Parnell gets a woman’s HUSBAND’s guns, and pawns them so he can … Continue reading

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Abel got sloppy at the end.  He declined to prosecute Scoggins but forgot to DISMISS the Case against  Scoggins on his way out the door. July 20, 2017 Almost made it, Scoggins   Court documents filed in 2017 show that the Waco police alledge that Jody Scoggins befriended a man, named Menefee, at that … Continue reading

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    Harry Storm after seeing a photo of Abel Reyna as a preacher this morning. John Hiatt  speaks for Harry today,  maybe you also,  click on arrow,  enjoy.   SMUG.  You know this dumbass.  Now you too, can hire him to perform the nuptials of your loved ones.  It seems combinations of lawyer and … Continue reading

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    Harry Storm, very happy NOT to be sitting in judgment on a lot of things   I’ll show you a diversion program.  $500 FINE,  STILL MORE THAN THE BAYLOR FRAT BOY RAPIST, HIS WAS $400 No matter how you feel about this issue, you’re probably right.  Can’t we all just agree that Superintendent … Continue reading

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VIC FEAZELL SNEAKY LIAR PHONEY                Vic/Brian’s site Vic Feazell IS Brian Lewis Here is your proof. Both websites have the same IP address owned by ONE VIC FEAZELL attorney, Waco, Texas.   They all belong to one person,  Vic Feazell,  if this research isn’t good enough for you, then, please, keep on … Continue reading