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  Finally, two movie stars who got arrested for something that didn’t have to do with underage girls, underage boys, abduction, seduction, grooming, animals or duct tape.    After watching “Leaving Neverland” just plain greed can be refreshing.   Continue reading

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           TRIED TO SELL AUDIO TAPE TO TEXAS MONTHLY       Jan Thompson,  aunt of victim Jill Montgomery,  began to write to “Brian Lewis” a few years ago.  I told her it was Vic and that I could not stay friends with her and her family if they were going … Continue reading

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VIC FEAZELL SNEAKY LIAR PHONEY                Vic/Brian’s site Vic Feazell IS Brian Lewis Here is your proof. Both websites have the same IP address owned by ONE VIC FEAZELL attorney, Waco, Texas.   They all belong to one person,  Vic Feazell,  if this research isn’t good enough for you, then, please, keep on … Continue reading

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What a buzzkill this was by 10:00 Waco ISD superintendent arrested on marijuana charge We got corruption, nepotism, masturbation, veneration ,dog chokers, body movers, disappearing rub and tug cases, dead girls in hot tubs, bribery,  and plain bullshit going on right in front of us with some of our elected officials and their cronies, and … Continue reading

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     “YOU KNOW IT WHEN YOU SEE IT” Michelle Malkin Goes After the ‘Ghost of John McCain‘ at CPAC, Gets … Daily Beast–Mar 1, 2019 John McCain (R-AZ) during an overtly anti-immigration speech … The remarks were met with applause and a standing ovation. … John Dingell criticized President Trump’s “bully pulpit” in reflections …. Johnson, a rising star owing to millions … Continue reading

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I just don’t think I understand anything anymore   TV was new.  We’d wake up and watch the test pattern from KCEN for an hour before the fighter jets came on and played the National Anthem.  We were all about fourteen and President Kennedy’s birthday was one big deal.  Since we were total Catholics, we … Continue reading



    DEADLINE TO RUN FOR SHERIFF IS DECEMBER 2019 NOT FEBRUARY 28 There’s still hope McNamara has announced for office 9 months before the deadline frightening the B-jeezus out of me.  The whole thing walked right through my medication and it took just about forever to find out that the deadline is December … Continue reading