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  PUPPY PLAYS DEAD TILL COPS ARRIVE Single again, woman beating, dog choker Brandon Eugene Stringer A man was arrested Sunday after he was accused of attacking and threatening his ex-girlfriend, then choking her dog in an incident earlier this year in Elm Mott. McLennan County Sheriff’s Office deputies were called Jan. 29 to … Continue reading

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I just don’t think I understand anything anymore   TV was new.  We’d wake up and watch the test pattern from KCEN for an hour before the fighter jets came on and played the National Anthem.  We were all about fourteen and President Kennedy’s birthday was one big deal.  Since we were total Catholics, we … Continue reading

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             No one has any gawddamned sense anymore,  it’s a National Crisis      YOU KNEW THIS WASN’T GOING TO END WELL FROM THE GET GO     J. Howard Marshall and Anna Nicole Smith  Houston: When J. Howard Marshall’s children finally opened their eyes and realized that Juan, J. … Continue reading

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“I’m mad too, Harry” would like to welcome  Aunt Margaret Schroeder of WKKK, Mexia, Texas, to this week’s  ANNOUNCEMENTS.  Saturday night there will be our first  “Mystery Covered Dish Dinner” and  “Pray Away the Gay” with the local boys and men who think they’re homosexual or could be “leaning in that direction,”  or, hell, just … Continue reading