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Dear Harry, Where do babies really come from? ……….. Bernard in Mexia Dear Bernard in Mexia, although I have a son, I cannot answer your question.  Please ask Alan Derschowitz. Alan Derschowitz, “I kept my underwear on.”   Harry’s family’d put him in Granger SPJST Nursing home for a lot less. H Advertisements Continue reading

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 Harry/Berni drank the koolaid for twenty years until Truman shredded that truck. In 2002 Truman Simons, Vic Feazell, and Sherre Johnston, gave her the choice of going along with Spence did it or hitting the road.  Harry/Bern left, Sherre Johnston, Simons’ concubine stayed, the rest is historically b.s. and everyone except these two peacocks knows … Continue reading

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HARRY STORM WAS DEAD WRONG After running to the FBI, Waco PD, Sheriff’s department, Attorney General, on and on, House Bill 1690 was NOT, repeat, NOT gotten rid of by Governor Goodhair when he was all hacked off at Rosemary Lehmberg and the Public Integrity Division of the Travis County District Attorneys Office.  Nope. House Bill 1690 is … Continue reading