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Sherre J back up on Facebook 19 hours ago       From Johnson to Joiner,  no more Sherre J. Advertisements Continue reading

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  “So much for the guy who played “Jesus” in the Mary Hardin Baylor EasterPageant”    Harry Storm on Vic Feazell   http://www.vicfeazell.com/Partial%20Statement%20Of%20Facts%20Of%20Walter%20Smith.PDF Testimony of Walter Smith in Vic Feazell’s BELO trial,  well,  with editing from Vic Feazell.  Seems Vic’s not beyond editing documents in his Vic Feazell blog to suit what he wants the … Continue reading

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  RiCochet Boutique | Wacoan® | Waco’s Magazine™ http://www.wacoan.com/special-sections/ricochet-boutique-2/ Sherre bought the Christian-based boutique from its founders, Debbie Hines and Cindy Arnold. Cindy’s daughter Kendall currently works there as a stylist and the social media manager. RiCochet specializes in the latest trends and styles in clothing, footwear and accessories. There’s also a wide variety of home decor and … I … Continue reading

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Truman Simons in a deposition in 2003 against Brian Pardo and John McLemore over an article in a “trade magazine” where they question the guilt of David Spence and the others in the famous Lake Waco Triple Murder, blames the break up of his marriage on the article. He  forgets about his affair with the … Continue reading

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Fredric Dannen, takes money from Soros League for book, hides in Mexico

“Dannen is completing a nonfiction book on David Wayne Spence, an innocent man executed by the state of Texas” Soros Justice League Grant 2005 Fredric Dannen in San Miguel de Allende Mexico also see:  Fredric Dannen Chamber Music San Miguel De Allende, Mexico http://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/about/programs/us-programs/grantees/fredric-dannen Open Society Foundations Fredric Dannen Fredric Dannen Year 2005 Location Austin, … Continue reading