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  ”WE THE PEOPLE”,  employ the Waco Police department, we employ the Sheriff’s department, District Attorney, City of Waco, DPS, ABC, FBI, on and on. People who go into these positions of power, especially those elected become PUBLIC SERVANTS. ”TO PROTECT AND SERVE” IS A POLICEMAN’S MOTTO. No one is serving anyone by not cooperating … Continue reading

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July 15, 2019 Harry would like to apologize to Stuart Parsons and the entire Parsons family for poking fun at the fact they had a house fire which is awful to live through. Then you find out your dumbass neighbor might have done it. A man suspected of setting his Axtell-area mobile home … Continue reading

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Poor Parnell never saw Abel’s loss coming, now he’s stuck covering up all the cat sh*t left behind all by himself. In March of 2017 over 14 people got dirty pictures and messages from a privately bought telephone line,  no one thought it was funny or understood what it meant, naturally, some went to the … Continue reading

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    WHY IS HARRY BRINGING YOU THIS STORY AND NOT THE TRIB? Because Waco is a beautiful, Christian, charming, peaceful, law abiding place where bluebonnets bloom, young girls sign contracts to stay virgins at Baylor, Football is king, and things are the way they always were and we like it that way.  P.S. The … Continue reading

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What a buzzkill this was by 10:00 Waco ISD superintendent arrested on marijuana charge We got corruption, nepotism, masturbation, veneration ,dog chokers, body movers, disappearing rub and tug cases, dead girls in hot tubs, bribery,  and plain bullshit going on right in front of us with some of our elected officials and their cronies, and … Continue reading

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Harry thinks the pictures speak volumes Please click below as the music is part of the joyful experience today.  Thank you.   Strother and Shawn Oakman                                          Strother and Jacob Anderson           … Continue reading

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McNamara runs on the “I’m having a great time, just let me die at my desk with my boots on,”  platform. READ THE QUOTE BELOW,  HE ACTUALLY SAID THIS “I spent right at 33 years with U.S. Marshals – and that was really cool,” Sheriff Parnell McNamara told KWTX. “But being Sheriff of McLennan County … Continue reading