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                   DID YOU GIVE THE RUB AND TUG CASES TO ABEL OR NOT?    Come on already   Before you announce for Sheriff again,  please let us know where the cases from Zang at the Rub and Tug are?  Did you give them to Abel?  How many?  … Continue reading

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“Rumble, Rumble, down the hall, it’s not an elephant, it’s Sister Paul”,   Harry age 8   Report: Hundreds abused by Southern Baptist leaders, workers (MGN/file) SAN ANTONIO (AP) Two newspapers are reporting that about 380 Southern Baptist church leaders and workers have been accused of sexual misconduct since 1998, leaving more than 700 victims. The San … Continue reading

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“I’m mad too, Harry” would like to welcome  Aunt Margaret Schroeder of WKKK, Mexia, Texas, to this week’s  ANNOUNCEMENTS.  Saturday night there will be our first  “Mystery Covered Dish Dinner” and  “Pray Away the Gay” with the local boys and men who think they’re homosexual or could be “leaning in that direction,”  or, hell, just … Continue reading