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  Harry doesn’t ask for much,  usually just forgiveness for being wrong,  dead wrong, or trailing off on medication.  This time,  Harry’s asking,  sign this petition and let’s just f*ck with these assh*les.  Especially those of you with drug or drinking problems,  an ankle monitor, or warrants.  You can’t go anywhere anyway,  please sign the … Continue reading

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    Fact:  There is NO forensic evidence in Spence 1 or Spence 2 except bite marks. Fact:  David Spence has an Appeal before the Third Circuit also,  filed about a year and a half ago by Jay English,  attorney,  Dallas, Texas.  Mr. English represents the Estate of David Wayne Spence, Spence’s sons and brother,  along … Continue reading

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Chapter 5 July 21, 2018  Destiny Matters Suicide Awareness Jeep Event,  McGregor, Texas “I love a parade”   That Harry has emenies is a given.  Picked on as he was and given ultimatums,  when confronted by “David Spence did the crime”,  or the road by Truman Simons,  Vic Feazell and,  yep,  Sherre Johnston in 2002,  … Continue reading

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Fredric Dannen, takes money from Soros League for book, hides in Mexico

“Dannen is completing a nonfiction book on David Wayne Spence, an innocent man executed by the state of Texas” Soros Justice League Grant 2005 Fredric Dannen in San Miguel de Allende Mexico also see:  Fredric Dannen Chamber Music San Miguel De Allende, Mexico Open Society Foundations Fredric Dannen Fredric Dannen Year 2005 Location Austin, … Continue reading