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                Harry Storm is disappointed,  expected much more from Jon Ker Harry doesn’t remember what year it was when Jon Ker was on the other side of some election or some issue, all passionate and hopping mad, all lawyerly, chewing people out, and making great enough arguments to … Continue reading

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July 12 What the hell just happened?  Five o’clock on a Friday and this guy with no vowels in his name announces that we’re broke.  Didn’t I just see your boss, THE DONALD, tell us everything was hunkie dorie? I feel cheated.  I feel broken up with by text.  I don’t like his looks and … Continue reading

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Zang no worry now, Sheriff busy getting bought off                 County gets authority to license, regulate eight-liner game rooms the same night as the Robinson hold a FUNDRAISER for the newly very powerful Sheriff McNamara. Who needs Abel anymore, Par is stepping out tomorrow night.   https://www.wacotrib.com/news/police/county-gets-authority-to-license-regulate-eight-liner-game-rooms/article_a3b6e8c9-ee7e-5358-8e9c-185814cbb2c3.html Waco … Continue reading

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  After reading three pages of charges, book ins and book outs, ending with a Xanax in a Correctional Facility and you’re the JP, what would you do if you were Pete Petersen? Oh, Sheriff McNamara’s good buddy Pete Petersen.  The same Pete Petersen who signed off on Mike Mc’s death saying it happened in … Continue reading