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Well, well, looks like someone is brave enough to answer Harry’s questions and it isn’t the Sheriff, we’d like to thank whomever for the anonymous good stuff that, yes, we do investigate before printing not that we care very much anymore.   Fresh from KSLA, which must stand for K-SALSA we got us one hot … Continue reading

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           WARNING: YOU MAY NOT BE UNABLE TO UNSEE THE FOLLOWING PHOTO FOR MAXIMUM ENJOYMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE YOUTUBE ARROW BELOW.     Who ever would think that that sweet, nice widower, John Carroll all religious could be … lonely. Well, he is, it seems Channel 10 just might be … Continue reading

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The problem is that in 1996, I found Vic’s little black book, photos, and Vic’s written memories of the different women he had bedded, including employees, including one Sandy Simpson Gately. This upset me as I remembered when VF and I went to visit Sandy and Paul, Vic and Sandy went off into another room … Continue reading

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                       THEY THINK WE ARE ALL FOOLS  Harry would like to thank the Texas Ranger who obviously sent this anonymously to me. How do I know it was a Texas Ranger? Because I’ve kept my mouth shut about trying to file a Complaint with the … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a Screw Up 2:  Closing a Buffet for Jeezus   Persons of the Year: UnBound and the Heart of Texas Human …   https://www.wacotrib.com › waco_today_magazine › persons-of-the-year-un… Nov 21, 2018 – It is the work of UnBound and the coordination of the Heart of Texas Human Trafficking Coalition with law enforcement, the courts and victim …   They … Continue reading

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https://www.gao.gov/assets/700/693133.pdf  This is the law governing Federal Employee misconduct, i.e. this case where the FBI and their inactivity has made justice impossible here because agencies just point and one another and the crookery goes on. State law requires that when a citizen wants to file a complaint against the duly elected Sheriff of the county … Continue reading

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Just can’t take this anymore   If you would let your husband, friend, son, or Sheriff sing “Play that funky Music WHITE BOY” on stage, well encourage, then have a wink wink, smirk session afterwards in a film that they did on purpose, knowing it’s KWTX, then you and I have nothing in common. It’s … Continue reading