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July 12 What the hell just happened?  Five o’clock on a Friday and this guy with no vowels in his name announces that we’re broke.  Didn’t I just see your boss, THE DONALD, tell us everything was hunkie dorie? I feel cheated.  I feel broken up with by text.  I don’t like his looks and … Continue reading

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HARRY STORM WAS DEAD WRONG After running to the FBI, Waco PD, Sheriff’s department, Attorney General, on and on, House Bill 1690 was NOT, repeat, NOT gotten rid of by Governor Goodhair when he was all hacked off at Rosemary Lehmberg and the Public Integrity Division of the Travis County District Attorneys Office.  Nope. House Bill 1690 is … Continue reading

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In 1980, Gerhardt “Gerry” Hefele came to my apartment, he told me that “Johnny Ash”, a man I did not know and have never met, had killed Lily Hefele to collect a gambling debt Gerhardt Hefele owed to Ash.  I, along with numerous other people have told the same story for forty years, finally, someone … Continue reading

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    HILARY LABORDE (there is no sympathy here and certainly no respect) When Abel Reyna, was DA, he told her to take that plea on the Baylor Frat boy, Jacob Anderson, she didn’t quit, she agreed to drop the rape charge down to “unlawful restraint”.   Abel tried to get other prosecutors to do … Continue reading

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Yes,  let’s all be relieved it’s over.  Finally.  Only took minutes for the mayhem and now, almost four years for an end to ridiculous charges and no explanations from elected officials and law enforcement. What happened at TWIN PEAKS?  Why did it happen?  You got  me.  Why did they let that one guy just bleed … Continue reading

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           TRIED TO SELL AUDIO TAPE TO TEXAS MONTHLY       Jan Thompson,  aunt of victim Jill Montgomery,  began to write to “Brian Lewis” a few years ago.  I told her it was Vic and that I could not stay friends with her and her family if they were going … Continue reading

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Stop LYING They over played their hands, they never thought Abel would lose. It was set up for another four years.  Do what you want.  No questions. Abel liked money and power, Parnell loves the cameras,  toys like the helicopter, and wants to die in office.  Needed someone or someones from the Rub and Tug … Continue reading