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  We the people of the United States, of the earth, of Texas, of Waco, have been waiting for someone who will just tell us the truth.  Like we’re grown ups, like we’re not incapable of understanding, we stopped demanding the truth.  We stopped demanding real transparency in government and allowed people all the way … Continue reading

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 Is it Harry or do you also sometimes mistake Sarah Huckabee Sanders for that darling Marie Osmond and wonder what on earth has happened to hack Marie off sooo bad, for just a moment or two? OHMYGAWD, what happened Marie?                    OOOooooh, it’s you.       … Continue reading

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I just don’t think I understand anything anymore   TV was new.  We’d wake up and watch the test pattern from KCEN for an hour before the fighter jets came on and played the National Anthem.  We were all about fourteen and President Kennedy’s birthday was one big deal.  Since we were total Catholics, we … Continue reading

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             No one has any gawddamned sense anymore,  it’s a National Crisis      YOU KNEW THIS WASN’T GOING TO END WELL FROM THE GET GO     J. Howard Marshall and Anna Nicole Smith  Houston: When J. Howard Marshall’s children finally opened their eyes and realized that Juan, J. … Continue reading

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Cardinal McCarrick                                             Roger Stone       Mike Pence Judge Felipe Reyna                                         Ken Starr   … Continue reading

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  The Third Court of Appeals Published the Chaney “bite mark” Opinion,  David Wayne Spence’s Appeal can’t be far behind!! January 13, 2019 Right now,  Vic Feazell is writing about how the Lake Waco Triple Murder “controversy” won’t go away because his ex wife BernadetteFeazell/HarryStorm,  misses him and still loves him so much she just … Continue reading

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     Is it my tv or my President? (Disclaimer:  Not the wall,  not Mexicans,  not paying whores,  not crooked Hilary,  not “lock her up”,  not who is my moral compass,  not the government shutdown,  just the orange  tan.  OKAY?  Just this one thing.  One.) The white around his eyes and ears ain’t right.  I … Continue reading