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  Notice it doesn’t say Antioch church anywhere, unless you track back UNBOUND They can’t make a case against anyone stick but they want to talk to you and your kids. Why not ask them how THEY can get Sheriff to do just about anything and plain folk just can’t. Guess it’s that big voter … Continue reading

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OUR SHERIFF JUST HAS TO BE RIGHT HAS TO (Notice the jab Parnell takes at Barry Johnson where he says that some of the cases may just go “federal”)  TAKE THAT.  Like a 26 year old girl is going to be 12 if the Feds get involved?  I don’t think so the facts are the … Continue reading

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“Zang” has heard it before.   July 31, 2019 FACEBOOK blocked Harry’s site with the penis shaped fried chicken wing yesterday citing it went against “Community Standards.”  My “Community Standards” are a little lower, Woody Allen, and Alan Derschowitz, who seem to be morphing into one being. Derschowitz, TODAY, has decided his opinion about lowering … Continue reading

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Dear Harry, Where do babies really come from? ……….. Bernard in Mexia Dear Bernard in Mexia, although I have a son, I cannot answer your question.  Please ask Alan Derschowitz. Alan Derschowitz, “I kept my underwear on.”   Harry’s family’d put him in Granger SPJST Nursing home for a lot less. H Continue reading

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  We the people of the United States, of the earth, of Texas, of Waco, have been waiting for someone who will just tell us the truth.  Like we’re grown ups, like we’re not incapable of understanding, we stopped demanding the truth.  We stopped demanding real transparency in government and allowed people all the way … Continue reading

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 Is it Harry or do you also sometimes mistake Sarah Huckabee Sanders for that darling Marie Osmond and wonder what on earth has happened to hack Marie off sooo bad, for just a moment or two? OHMYGAWD, what happened Marie?                    OOOooooh, it’s you.       … Continue reading

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I just don’t think I understand anything anymore   TV was new.  We’d wake up and watch the test pattern from KCEN for an hour before the fighter jets came on and played the National Anthem.  We were all about fourteen and President Kennedy’s birthday was one big deal.  Since we were total Catholics, we … Continue reading