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  Now that Paul Looney,  biker lawyer,  thanks to the 10th. Court of Appeals overturning Fish Faced Sleeping Judge Doug Shaver,  doesn’t have a GAG ORDER stopping him from just spewing the truth,  here’s our first little behind the scenes “chickensh*t deal” that went on during TWIN PEAKS. Funny how no cops and seemingly no … Continue reading

Able Reyna / Banditos / Barry Johnson / Bikers / Cody Ledbetter / Cossacks / Felipe Reyna / Houston Attorney / Paul Looney / Twin Peaks / Uncategorized / Waco / Waco Injustice / Waco News


       Whooooooa Baby,  take a look at this Paul Looney Interview Harry loves this guy and like many has been waiting to hear Paul Looney,  Houston,  Attorney,  get his chance to speak out about Abel Reyna and Twin Peaks.  HERE IT IS. No convictions in deadly Waco shootout case   This guy,  … Continue reading