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Call McLennan County Courthouse 254 757-5000   “Guess dumbass never heard about the Me Too movement.” Kenneth from Rosebud     https://www.wacotrib.com/news/courts_and_trials/proposed-plea-deal-for-former-baylor-frat-president-ignites-backlash/article_6befffe2-2ef7-57a5-9cd4-4076dc87f4d1.html   A plea bargain that would give deferred probation to a former Baylor University fraternity president accused of sexual assault has spawned a social media backlash, a petition and a letter-writing campaign seeking … Continue reading

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“Chapter 15”     September 28, 2018  “The High Bar of Sanity in Waco”   What does Richard Mills III have in common with the legendary Waco Attorney,  John Faulkner? They’ve both been Certified as Sane.   Harry figured if 47 years of being someone with power’s cousin couldn’t bring down a crooked lawyer or … Continue reading

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 Your Sheriff, DA and Judges are corrupt,  they cannot do what they do, giving special treatment to cases, girlfriends and blackmailers without the approval of one another.   Where do you go when there is no place to go? Who do you tell when there’s no one to tell? You send an anonymous package to a … Continue reading