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ERICA WITH WOODWAY BAPTIST SAYS IT WAS SACCHARIN     Central Texas businesswoman indicted – KWTX.com https://www.kwtx.com › news › Local-businesswoman-indicted-510643011   May 30, 2019 – WACO, Texas (KWTX) Sherre Lynn Johnston, 52, of Lorena, has … commonly known as Xanax, into the McLennan County Jail on July 20, … You visited this page on 10/22/19.   Here’s a comment today from … Continue reading

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Just can’t take this anymore   If you would let your husband, friend, son, or Sheriff sing “Play that funky Music WHITE BOY” on stage, well encourage, then have a wink wink, smirk session afterwards in a film that they did on purpose, knowing it’s KWTX, then you and I have nothing in common. It’s … Continue reading

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When you can’t get reporters in your own town to do anything but puff pieces on crooks posing as saints, what do you do?  What do you do when the former owner of the newspaper is having a party and the murderer of your girlfriend is a co chair.  What do you do when your … Continue reading

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  It’s been almost two years since I talked to Sheriff’s Deputy David Johnson about the night my murdered friend’s husband told me that Johnny Ash had killed her, now I find out that this same Johnny Ash is a “co chair” of a fundraiser for Parnell McNamara. Oh, hell no.   In August of … Continue reading

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Yes,  let’s all be relieved it’s over.  Finally.  Only took minutes for the mayhem and now, almost four years for an end to ridiculous charges and no explanations from elected officials and law enforcement. What happened at TWIN PEAKS?  Why did it happen?  You got  me.  Why did they let that one guy just bleed … Continue reading

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  Who gets justice and who doesn’t   Nikki Pittman sold some fake stuff out of                                                                                … Continue reading

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  Harry doesn’t ask for much,  usually just forgiveness for being wrong,  dead wrong, or trailing off on medication.  This time,  Harry’s asking,  sign this petition and let’s just f*ck with these assh*les.  Especially those of you with drug or drinking problems,  an ankle monitor, or warrants.  You can’t go anywhere anyway,  please sign the … Continue reading