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Abel got sloppy at the end.  He declined to prosecute Scoggins but forgot to DISMISS the Case against  Scoggins on his way out the door. July 20, 2017 Almost made it, Scoggins   Court documents filed in 2017 show that the Waco police alledge that Jody Scoggins befriended a man, named Menefee, at that … Continue reading

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    WHY IS HARRY BRINGING YOU THIS STORY AND NOT THE TRIB? Because Waco is a beautiful, Christian, charming, peaceful, law abiding place where bluebonnets bloom, young girls sign contracts to stay virgins at Baylor, Football is king, and things are the way they always were and we like it that way.  P.S. The … Continue reading

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    Harry Storm after seeing a photo of Abel Reyna as a preacher this morning. John Hiatt  speaks for Harry today,  maybe you also,  click on arrow,  enjoy.   SMUG.  You know this dumbass.  Now you too, can hire him to perform the nuptials of your loved ones.  It seems combinations of lawyer and … Continue reading

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SORE LOSER LEAVES BIG MESS BEHIND     Poor thing tried to save us from ourselves and those gnarly bikers but we were just too stupid to see what a big hero he was and what he went through to save a bunch of ignorant ingrates.  Sigh. Instead of dismissing the cases, or trying the cases, or pleading the cases, … Continue reading

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Yes,  let’s all be relieved it’s over.  Finally.  Only took minutes for the mayhem and now, almost four years for an end to ridiculous charges and no explanations from elected officials and law enforcement. What happened at TWIN PEAKS?  Why did it happen?  You got  me.  Why did they let that one guy just bleed … Continue reading

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               WOMAN, MAN, OR TIMOTHY OLYPHANT                     Hello, my name is _________________________________, I promise to treat everyone equally, file cases even if it’s against my own sometimes ignorant family, NOT hire my family members, and do the best I can while … Continue reading

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February 9, 2014 McNamara has said that, as the newly elected sheriff, he has the right to organize his office and top command as he chooses. He said his decisions were made based on the deputies’ past job performances and reputations, not political retribution.   That comment cost you two million dollars five months later.  … Continue reading