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  ”WE THE PEOPLE”,  employ the Waco Police department, we employ the Sheriff’s department, District Attorney, City of Waco, DPS, ABC, FBI, on and on. People who go into these positions of power, especially those elected become PUBLIC SERVANTS. ”TO PROTECT AND SERVE” IS A POLICEMAN’S MOTTO. No one is serving anyone by not cooperating … Continue reading

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July 12 What the hell just happened?  Five o’clock on a Friday and this guy with no vowels in his name announces that we’re broke.  Didn’t I just see your boss, THE DONALD, tell us everything was hunkie dorie? I feel cheated.  I feel broken up with by text.  I don’t like his looks and … Continue reading

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 This is a reprint of a post from the Legendary Jim Parks and a new group called “Elect a Constitutional McLennan County Sherifif”, seems people are comparing files and notes and learning how to access Public Information Requests.   See the following article for more info on that Florida trip taken by married deputies.    Travis … Continue reading

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Riding herd on the lawless all the way to the Pawnshop with your guns                                                         EVIDENCE OF A DESPERATE FOR MONEY IDIOT  Anyone so stupid as to hock someone … Continue reading