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Aaah, remember when Abel was on the Board of that nice rehab CENIKOR?  It did so much for that nice Sirbasqu kid with the dead girl in the hot tub.  Remember? Cenikor rehab patients’ unpaid work for big companies likely illegal https://www.wacotrib.com/news/health/cenikor-rehab-patients-unpaid-work-for-big-companies-likely-illegal/article_26dec421-1252-54b8-a9f5-0a6c19677dd8.html A sign to the Cenikor Foundation entrance is seen in Deer Park, Texas. … Continue reading

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             No one has any gawddamned sense anymore,  it’s a National Crisis      YOU KNEW THIS WASN’T GOING TO END WELL FROM THE GET GO     J. Howard Marshall and Anna Nicole Smith  Houston: When J. Howard Marshall’s children finally opened their eyes and realized that Juan, J. … Continue reading