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Poor Parnell never saw Abel’s loss coming, now he’s stuck covering up all the cat sh*t left behind all by himself. In March of 2017 over 14 people got dirty pictures and messages from a privately bought telephone line,  no one thought it was funny or understood what it meant, naturally, some went to the … Continue reading

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  “Place just ain’t worth sh*t since “Babe” died”………….Harry If you agree, you can still vote FOR BABE even now on MYLIFE.com, see below             sitehttps://www.mylife.com/babe-aycock/e22664109912 Iconic Babe Aycock with a 3.75 positive Reputation Review AFTER DEATH.     Hewitt, Texas breathes a sigh of relief as MART takes over the … Continue reading

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Yep, Sheriff and Abelino thought the party would last forever.  It didn’t. Harry didn’t do this one, however, Harry was on the mailing list along with lots of other people in the Waco area.  An anonymous letter has been sent to “Concerned Citizens” about the rampant spending and downright crooked dealings of our Sheriff and … Continue reading