Harry Storm died a long time ago,  Somewhere around the time the nuns read him the story of “Abraham and Isaac”,  Harry drowned in hypocrisy overwhelmed by the world around him in which he was powerless.

In the beginning Harry prayed.  He prayed that God would get his father to stop beating his mother every night.  He prayed that the silence of the rural Texas night, isolated miles from any other neighbor,  would not be pierced by the sound of his mother screaming in anguish as his dad lifted her off her feet by her head.

Harry called his uncles first.  They were her brothers, after all.  It was 1956 and the party line the family shared was silent at one a.m.  Everyone knew not to call after nine unless someone was dead.  Well,  this was one and he needed help so he called the first of her six brothers,  all older.  No one came.  Only one answered the phone,  drunk and confused,  had he known it was Harry he would not have answered at all.

The next day his uncle told Harry’s mom,  she told Harry’s dad,  and on Sunday,  Harry’s mom put concealer on the right side of Harry’s face for Mass.  Dad was an usher so Harry and mom would go sit in the back,  purposely late,  and leaving early to hide the blood mark in Harry’s eye.

Damned cedar allergies!

Harry was born into a mystery.  He was adopted and a sickly baby weighing in at less than four pounds.  He figured later on that the nuns at the Orphanage in Austin thought he’d die anyway so they gave Harry to Slim and Dorothy,  figuring that the two alcoholics would get the sickly stringy Harry rather than a healthy bouncing baby like the one newly adopted daughter of the dentist in nearby Hallettsville.

Later in life,  Harry lived in Waco, Texas,  still does.  A lot of things happened here years ago and Harry finds the fascination with the “Reputations”  of  “Old Waco” families absolutely mind boggling interesting.

Harry actually was and is a woman.  As a woman, however,  Harry never got respect.  It’s Texas after all,  and now that The Governor has decided to have funerals for fetuses,  Harry has decided to stay male on the internet for her own sake.  Neither she nor Harry “belong” at the moment.

It’s Waco,  face it,  someone needs to report the truth,  not just the truth but the gawddamned truth the way the people who were never dressed as princesses or never had the pleasure of having history altered to suit the elevated vision of  “the Family”,  by the church,  the Shrine,  or Waco in general.

Falls from grace are always hard.

Waco has had its share,  Harry may even have to revisit a few while we wait for DNA and other news on The Lake Waco Triple Murders.

We may have to report from TWIN PEAKS and bring you the truth as it is,  not prettified,  through the eyes of Harry Storm.

Harry’s going to try to be fair,   just hope that no one hits Harry’s  “Hell, no” ,  button,  that is simply how this all started.

Welcome to Waco and Harry’s World.


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