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I bring the truth as I see it as I can prove it and it has been shown or given to me, or I’ve lived through it myself.

That said.

I am not a lazy, selective, overweight, god complexed cop. No, I am not. I am not a fat, frightened, horney “Iffy” at best Sheriff either.

I write a blog and bring the best evidence for a person who has no car, no workinig printer or scanner, and no help.

So, if the copies aren’t good or you have a problem with me proving something for you totally at the age of 71, go fuck yourself.

When law enforcement ignores or choses who is to be protected and who is to be just screwed flat, it’s a sad day.

I have to write “allegedly”, while Sheriff McNamara answers for NOTHING, not one question.

So, if you don’t like the blog, please don’t read it because I don’t like secret land deals, gun deals, and other things.

If you don’t like the page I’m on, please find another one but get this and get it now, I am bone tired of doing law enforcement’s job for them.

I am tired of looking up the law for men who are too lazy to read it when I look it up and bring a copy. I am tired of being held to a much higher standard than Sheriff Parnell  McNamara.

If you think $10 is a-otay to give to a Sheriff then you and I have inherent differences so please, at this juncture, bug off.


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