I'm Mad Too, Harry.

Just can’t take this anymore

If you would let your husband, friend, son, or Sheriff sing “Play that funky Music WHITE BOY” on stage, well encourage, then have a wink wink, smirk session afterwards in a film that they did on purpose, knowing it’s KWTX, then you and I have nothing in common.

It’s embarrassing as hell and they don’t know it.  OR if you look at the smirks they do know it but it’s a private white person joke and it’s all wink wink old people?  Puke.

They don’t know it because it’s gotten to the old, “there, there” with Grandpa b.s., Charlotte McNamara putting the words, “white boy” in Parnell’s mouth is just too much.

What the hell is wrong with you folks?  I get turned “in” to facebook for an offensive photo of a chicken nugget in the shape of a penis while old white people plus…

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