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Abel got sloppy at the end.  He declined to prosecute Scoggins but forgot to DISMISS the Case against  Scoggins on his way out the door.

July 20, 2017

Almost made it, Scoggins

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Court documents filed in 2017 show that the Waco police alledge that Jody Scoggins befriended a man, named Menefee, at that time who was suffering and still is suffering from dementia and blindness.  Now, some say that Menefee, in an effort to defraud Mrs. Menefee got Scoggins to do some shady deal with him but somewhere in here Scoggins got himself into trouble.  Menefee was living in a nursing home and Scoggins reportedly started even having Menefee’s mail forwarded to his own (Scoggin’s) office.


“(The victim) is an heir to mineral rights in Hood County, Texas, which has been passed down through his family,” the documents state. “On 09/27/2016, Scoggins, along with … a public notary for the state of Texas, went to (the nursing home). While at the nursing home, Scoggins had (the man) sign a mineral warranty deed granting his wife, Kimberly Scoggins, and he all interest in all oil and gas that may be produced from (the man’s) original mineral warranty deed for the amount of $10.”


The notary told investigators the full form was never read to the victim, only explained by Scoggins, according to the documents.

“After speaking to (Menefee), he told me he would never sign his mineral rights over because they have been passed down through his family and are his main source of income,” an arrest affidavit states. “Scoggins was deceptive by tricking (the man) due to his disabilities into signing his mineral rights over to him for his pecuniary gain.”

Scoggins told investigators in 2017 he knew the man suffered from cataracts but was unaware of any other medical conditions, according to the affidavit.

Menefee and a family member filed a civil lawsuit against Scoggins, his wife, Kim, and his mother, Debbie, in July 2017, alleging they committed a civil conspiracy, misappropriated and stole the Menefee family’s property, used a fraudulent signature to deed over assets and fraudulently obtained power of attorney to gain access to Menefee’s financial information.

Waco attorney David Dumas, who represents Scoggins in the civil suit, told the Tribune-Herald in 2017 that Menefee is a lifelong friend of the Scoggins family.

“Based on our investigation, the allegations will ultimately be proven to be false,” Dumas said. “It is unfortunate that these unsubstantiated claims have the potential to damage their reputations simply because they have been made. The truth is that Mr. Menefee has been a lifelong friend of the Scoggins family and their attempts to help him through the years have been twisted into this fabricated story and turned against Jody and his family.”


DA Reyna declined to prosecute and it is no secret that the Scoggins family is friends not only with DA Reyna but also very close to the Venerable Ralph Strother who set a $30K bond on this case which is a felony.  This is the SAME Ralph Strother who slapped a $250K bond on a forgery of a State document, and also set the $400 fine for the Baylor Frat Boy Anderson.

Ralph likes you, you get the frugal card, Ralph doesn’t like you, or if HIS (Ralph’s) grandson used to work for your mother at the BINGO parlor, hey, why recuse, no conflict at all, no appearance of impropriety.

Except the words, “Abel Reyna’s office declined to prosecute.”

What really happened is  Reyna forgot to Dismiss the case so now he’s gone and Barry Johnson is put in another delightful position, this time, falling to the Grand Jury and a sure enough indictment.

Nice of Abel to save us from the Bikers but not the Bilkers?


Scoggins family, friends with Judge Strother and the Reynas.




Waco real estate agent arrested again on charges he exploited elderly …


2 days ago – Waco police arrested Re/Max Centex real estate agent Jody Glenn Scoggins at his office Friday morning on charges of theft of $150,000 but …

Missing: glen ‎| ‎Must include: ‎glen

Attorney pushes back on allegations against real estate agent | Courts …


Jul 13, 2017 – … representing RE/MAX Centex real estate agent Jody Scoggins and … Wacoattorney David Dumas, who is representing Scoggins in a civil …

Missing: glen ‎| ‎Must include: ‎glen


Judge Ralph Strother, spin the bottle justice or another rich person suck up?  Hmmm. $400 fine for Baylor boy, $30K for buddy Jody, big bonds for others.  Can’t even look innocent this one.  Turns red.

Image result for JUDGE RALPH STROTHER        Image result for JUDGE RALPH STROTHER

Pass the buck Strother passed the buck on TWIN PEAKS and now Scoggins, it’s like the “Pam’s Dream” of your “Waco” life,  all of last year, never happened.

Why isn’t Witherspoon and the Waco Trib asking Abel Reyna WHY he didn’t prosecute it?

If we had ONE journalist we wouldn’t need the FBI.







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