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VIC FEAZELL SNEAKY LIAR PHONEY                Vic/Brian’s site

Vic Feazell IS Brian Lewis

Here is your proof. Both websites have the same IP address owned by ONE VIC FEAZELL attorney, Waco, Texas.  

They all belong to one person,  Vic Feazell,  if this research isn’t good enough for you, then, please, keep on believing blindly that Vic isn’t trying to remain the big hero through Brian Lewis.  Truly,  this whole thing is so laughable I can’t believe it.

Brian Lewis, Vic Feazell,  liar.  Addicted his own son to GHB.  Scared to death people will find out what a phoney he is and what he did as DA.  Scared people will find out what he did with Abel Reyna to stop this writer.  Put his own son in jail.  Charges dropped later by Abelino because it was all BULLSHIT.

Such a fine man,  he never says anything bad about his ex?  Right?  No, he just dummies up another person, does it that way,  lies to readers about it.  Well,  he is caught now.

Calls others “crackheads” when HE himself was a GHB addict,  sex addict, went to rehab and now just lies about it, doesn’t want people to know his divorce and estrangement from his son are due to GHB.  Scared to death what the Texas Forensics Commission is finally going to do to the case that put him on the map,  the Lake Murder.  IT’s not over,  not because of HIS ex wife but because of the Forensics Commission and because evidence is evidence and talk is just that,  nothing.  He’s his sister Nancy’s “Hero” too, even though she drank some “water” at his house and wound up at the Emergency Room just like Cecelia and Vic’s maid,  “Tina”.  Cecelia knows,  she just likes the money and lies with him about the GHB.  She hates his son and forgets that it was Vic who brought GHB into his son’s life saying GHB was “not addictive.”  Then, when his son became a GHB addict,  Vic withdrew saying Greg was “weak” because GHB was non addictive.

Mad,  forever mad?  You damned right I am.  The big MHMR Drug Counsellor and lawyer Vic Feazell hooked his/my son and then just left him and left me to deal with it.

The “Brian Lewis” website,  which is actually Vic Feazell, which he denies vehemently and now, thanks to him being cheap and a lot of digging,  here’s your proof in case you were still so damned stupid you think that a Brian Lewis really exists.  He made a mistake, or he got Johnathan  to make the mistake,  his IP guy,  he didn’t pay for another IP address where he should have and that’s what caught him.


Click on the  link below that says Vic Brian Lewis and get your truth not just bullshit words from one sneaky man.

Vic Brian Lewis

Here are a few late night excerpts to Vic/Brian and back.  Why would some guy in another state even care?  Ask yourself.



  1. I keep getting asked about Bernadette Feazell/Harry Storm and I would like to set the record straight and hopefully bring this to an end even though I know it won’t because this is how it goes with Bernadette and this is why I didn’t want to and shouldn’t have responded to her in the first place. First I do not follow Bernadette Feazell/Harry Storm, I did at one time many years ago and that was one of the reasons I started my own page. Her page is full of inaccuracies, bent facts, delusions and straight out lies, when one tries to question her on these facts and she doesn’t like it she just deletes your post, again she doesn’t care about the truth. So I thought I would start a page where there could be a true open discussion, Bernadette Feazell didn’t like that and has tried to do all she can to discredit me. Now I don’t follow Bernadette Feazell because I really don’t care what she has to say and wouldn’t have anything to do with her at all but she keeps sending me messages, I think about a dozen since the new year, honestly I don’t keep count I just know it’s been a lot over the last couple weeks. I do read these messages, every once in a great while she will say something interesting, it’s very rare like maybe 1% of the time if I’m lucky and sometimes she gives me links to something on her page and I do check it out. But most of her rants are about her ex, her son’s drug problems, who in Waco is sleeping with who and this usual crap that I really don’t care about and has nothing to do with the Lake Waco Murders. I do find it very strange a grown woman has dedicated so much of her life and time worrying about other people’s sex lives, I find it hard to believe so many people take her seriously. But this is what Bernadette Feazell doesn’t she stirs up all this drama so people focus on the drama and over look the facts and truth, people like Bernadette like it that way, that way they don’t have to deal with the truth. We all know Bernadette has a problem facing reality and the truth but she needs a serious dose of it, so I guess I need to relate the truth against some of her recently posted lies.

    First Bernadette stated I should at least talk to people on the phone to prove who I am and she states I haven’t, that isn’t true, I have talked to people on the phone. Her problem is I wouldn’t call her because I have no desire to talk to her, I know she is a lying nut bag and talking to her would get nowhere. And this is her problem, she wanted me to call her and I wouldn’t and this is how she acts, this is exactly what she does, when people don’t go along with her or what she wants she goes on the attack, again this has nothing to do with the murders, it’s all about Bernadette and what she wants. So Bernadette, again is lying about what happened and why some people are not talking to others. This is what happened, to be honest this was a couple years ago so others might have to fill in the exact details. For many years Bernadette has tried to convince people not to talk to me, she only wants them to hear what she has to say. There are those that have learned better. So a couple years ago something was going on, I really can’t remember what, I could be wrong about this because there is always something going on but at the moment I think it had something to do with Tony’s last parole hearing. I see Bernadette just wrote something about a clemency petition that was suppose to be a secret, is she really this crazy, a secret petition, does she understand what a petition is. With a petition you go around and try to get people to sign it, how can that be a secret? I heard about the petition and I’ve never been to Texas. The reason I knew about the petition was because I think members of victim Jill Montgomery signed that petition, if I’m not mistaken this included Jill’s aunt Jan Thompson and I talked to Mrs. Thompson about this. Led on by Bernadette Feazell I believe the feeling was Tony stood a good chance for release he had garnered strong support and one would think if some of that support came from the family of one of the victims this would play a part in the parole boards decision. At the time I was the voice of caution for those hoping the best for Tony, I never talked to Tony but I have been told he really thought he stood a good chance to be released and was in very high spirits. I voiced my doubts about Tony’s chances as much as people like Bernadette Feazell and Fred Dannen keep saying Tony, David and Gilbert are innocent, in the state’s eyes that’s not the case, the official record states they are guilty, like it or not that is fact. And though Bernadette Feazell wants to cry about this issue or that issue, the appellate courts have ruled on these issues over and over, each time siding with the State. Bernadette stated I should read the appeals courts decisions, again showing her ignorance I have read the decisions, read them a number of times and even have posted them in the past so others can read them. If anyone hasn’t read them and would like to I can post them again. Anyway back to Tony’s parole, so I voiced my opinion that I didn’t think Tony was going to get released because he wasn’t showing remorse and that’s what a parole board wants to see, no matter all the outside noise and bluster, that’s not a parole boards concern. Well of coarse people like Bernadette didn’t want to hear that and then it came to pass Tony was denied parole, his spirit sank and then his health. He had put so much hope in people like Bernadette and Fred Dannen like others have done. Now you really don’t want to ruffle too many feathers during this time but unfortunately it’s not the end of the story it’s just another end to another sad chapter in this whole tragic saga. So I reflected on the situation and stated something to the effect the one common factor that has kept this tragedy from truly being resolved is people keep putting their faith in Bernadette Feazell and Fred Dannen and on both sides of the issue, sooner or later people need to realize that is getting them nowhere. Well Bernadette definitely didn’t like that and again tried to get people to stop talking to me and tried to convince them I was Vic. This caused some much unneeded drama, I think more so with Jan Thompson’s family. One of Mrs. Thompson’s daughters came to my defense and this totally set off Bernadette so she blocked Mrs. Thompson daughters, so now people can’t see what they have to say on Bernadette’s page. And just to be clear Mrs. Thompson’s daughter although she defended me she did want me to call Bernadette to get her to calm down. Bernadette had posted her phone number and asked me to call and Mrs. Thompson’s daughter told me I needed to call Bernadette to end all this craziness but I refused I told her given in to craziness just gets you more craziness, I hope she can see that now. So in reality Mrs. Thompson’s daughter was trying to resolve the problem but Bernadette went crazy as usual and blew everything up and then in response Mrs. Thompson didn’t want to deal with anymore of the drama Bernadette was causing and stopped communicating with Bernadette which again has just made Bernadette even more crazy, mad and vindictive and that is where we are still to this day. That is the truth people, others might be able to provide more detail but that is how it went down at least on this end. And I have to point out, see how this has nothing to do with the murders, it doesn’t provide any answers or clarity it just adds to the confusion, that’s why I don’t talk to Bernadette Feazell and don’t like to respond to Bernadette Feazell/Harry Storm’s messages. There are many other issues with this case that deserve our attention, again things Bernadette lies about which I will comment on.

    Bernadette keeps stating I don’t care about the DNA evidence, again not true. At times she says I am her ex, Vic, which I’m not so I can’t speak for him but all I’ve ever seen him and Truman Simons for that matter say is they are comfortable about the convictions they got and they don’t have any worries. Now for me, I think all DNA evidence should be tested but here is the problem as it stands right now. When Fred Dannen took possession of the DNA evidence he clearly mishandled it, clear grounds to have that evidence thrown out of court, the State of Texas has already stated they will dispute this evidence on these grounds and people like it or not they will win that argument, there is a statement from one of the people working with Dannen at the time where he clearly states some of the evidence he was carrying in the back seat of his car fell out and he scooped it up and put it back in the envelope, people that is contaminated evidence and the state is not going to take time to listen or decide if it is this envelope or that envelope, the bottom line is Fred Dannen should have never personally handled the evidence there was no need for it, that was his own doing don’t blame the State. That evidence is useless now. Now fortunately before this all happened test had been run on some of this evidence and the DNA profiles should still exist and DNA profiles don’t change, the profiles that were created back then will still be the same today. Then here is the problem with that, again thanks to Fred Dannen and people like Bernadette Feazell, Dannen originally sent the DNA to be tested to a lab in California, one of the very few smart things he did, this lab was the leader in DNA testing and was the home Lab of the leading expert in this field Dr. Edward Blake. The question is what became of the testing this lab did? Dr. Blake only publicly stated he did not find anything, what does that mean? I can’t speak for Dr. Blake and I have tried to contact Dr,.Blake to get a better understanding but to no avail. But knowing he was giving DNA samples from the crime scene and then samples from individuals to compare against those found at the crime scene, his statement he found nothing to me means he did not find any matches, meaning the samples from the individuals did not match those found at the crime scene. Dannen didn’t like these results and sued the lab, ridiculous. People if you create a pool of persons of interest and have them tested and don’t find any matches, the next step is to expand your pool. And this is my stance on what needs to be done with the DNA, collect samples from other individuals and this is what I have called for over the years. We know the DNA evidence that was tested is now contaminated and useless and it wasn’t the fault of the state it was Fred Dannen’s, so why keep carrying on and crying about it, it gets nowhere. Get new samples from some other people of interest. As Bernadette keeps lying about me not caring about the DNA evidence I have repeatedly told her my position and have asked her why doesn’t she call out for this. And Why Doesn’t Bernadette Feazell do this? She only wants to cry about the DNA everyone knows can’t produce results either way, why? Again she just doesn’t want the truth. We know there were others with David Spence that night and we know two testified and couldn’t keep their stories straight, one important issue is their timeline, it’s very important because they state they didn’t get up with David until after the murders, David’s girlfriend at the time Christine Juhl has stated she knew Clifford Oliver was with David much earlier in the evening, I could write much more on what Christine has said, which is much different than she testified to during Deeb’s re-trial but that should be a whole other post. but we do know Clifford Oliver is lying. Then we find one of the other guys that was there was the younger brother of the Melendez’s, some one we never hear anything about or from, wonder why? None of this deserves attention nor to be investigated? And just to explain how things can slip unnoticed in an investigation, I didn’t know John Arnett Jr, actually I didn’t even know he was even a junior, was the Melendez’s younger brother until I was told by Mrs. Thompson a few years ago. I had kept mentioning him in some of my post about Clifford Oliver and she asked me while I kept mentioning him and I told her because he was one of the guys that was with Clifford and David that night and then she informed me he was related to Anthony and Gilbert. I saw in the court transcripts that a Mr. Arnett had picked up Gilbert’s truck from Calvin Nesbitt’s after Gilbert had been arrested in September but I never knew he was related to the John Arnett with David and Clifford, they were father and son. And Think about it; Mrs Thompson was in the courtrooms everyday through all the trials and she took notes for her sister, Jill’s mother, because Jill’s mother was a perspective witness and could not sit in the courtroom during the trial, so Mrs. Thompson kept her informed. And with all that Mrs. Thompson didn’t realize the significance of John Arnett Jr., that’s how little his name came up during the trials, pretty much it just came up in passing, Clifford Oliver and Todd Childers stating he was with them that night and they both did say it was John that was able to get the beer, again something I found a little strange, Clifford and I believe Cal Fraizer were over 21 and could legally purchase beer but it’s the 17 year old that gets the beer for them. This is clearly an area that should be looked into and collecting DNA samples from these individuals would be a good place to start and what harm would it do, if there are no matches it would clear them, it’s that simple. For some one that states she is looking for the truth and justice why doesn’t she ask for this?

    Moving on to the Texas Forensics Commission, again Bernadette Feazell distorts the facts. When Bernadette first started going on about this she stated the TFC decided to review this case unsolicited, again that is a straight out lie. One of David Spence’s sons sent a complaint or request to the commision. I have posted the commission’s response and have a copy somewhere, so I should be able to post it again. Now this isn’t a real biggy it just again shows Bernadette Feazell’s penchant for bending facts or lying however you want to put it. What is important in this response and what Bernadette for some reason fails to realize is in the last paragraph the commission clearly states to Mr. Spence their board has nothing and can do nothing about proving one’s guilt or innocence that is beyond the scope of their purview. All the commission does is determine the reliability of the science used as evidence. So no matter what Bernadette says and wants the Texas Forensics Commission has no say in guilt or innocence or how a trial was conducted in whole. Bernadette further misleads by comparing one case to another, in the end each case has to stand on it’s own merit, just because something happened one way in one caase doesn’t mean the same thing will happen in another case. As many have seen Bernadette has gone on about the commission’s decision on one case and how that effected that case and she has gone on that this is the fate of the Lake Waco Murders. Now I don’t know anything about the case she is going on about but I do know a little something about the Lake Waco Murders and the trials and the appeals and this is very important. Bernadette goes on about the Third Circuit of Appeals and how it will finally get things straight. Bernadette please your stupidity is astounding. Hey let the Third Circuit hear the case but either way it won’t be the final arbitrator. As Crackhead Bernadette stated when the Third Circuit first agreed to hear this case, the judge presiding over this hearing is a political hack, she is against the death penalty, as I am, and as Bernadette gleefully stated hopefully this will influence her decision, thank God our judicial system does not operate like this. Our country has the best legal system in the world and one of the main reasons is because we have protections against judges that would rule based on their personal beliefs and political persuasions rather than the facts, the laws and precedence which is their sworn duty and this is the appeal system we have and a good thing we do so we don’t have people like political hack judges and Bernadette Feazell making decisions because it’s what they want and not tethered to legal grounding. Let the Third Circuit hear the case let the Texas Forensic Commission state their findings, no one should have a problem with that, some might think it is a waste of time and money which it probably is. The best that can happen for those that support Spence and the Melendez brothers is they get a favorable ruling from a judge that shares their sympathies and then the State will appeal this decision and it will go to a higher court, where there is more than one judge sitting one the bench, that is how our system is set up if a verdict is in question one person should not have the power to have the final say, that way a politician hack or a judge that has forgotten their sworn duty can be restrained. And this is what will happen, this case will be back in the courts for years, and going on the earlier appeals which are rooted in precedence it will favor the state and we won’t get any of the answers we have been looking for. And that is all Bernadette has been calling for, she cries about DNA evidence she knows is useless, a white truck the defendant’s family had until after the trials and means nothing and now she is hoping to find a technicality or a political judge, anything but to find the truth. Any reasonable person should ask why. I would like to say I will never post anymore messages I receive from Bernadette Feazell/Harry Storm but I know as soon as I do she will send me something I will feel needs to be addressed and there I will be. One would think the horrible crime itself showed us the worst in human behavior but then we have people like Bernadette Feazell that unfortunately prove that’s not the case.

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  2. I will say one thing concerning B Feazell. She is her own worst enemy. She has played just about everyone that once called her a friend. #1- her filthy mouth is a big “turn off” for me.
    I am not at all interested in the soap opera and sexual habits of Waco, Tx. Perhaps some people find her entertaining. I am interested ONLY in what happened at Waco, Tx on July 12th & 13th in 1982.


  3. Vero, Bernadette isn’t obsessed with me she’s obsessed with her ex-husband Vic, they have been divorced for , well I don’t know how many years exactly but I think it’s close to 30 and she still can’t get over it. So in her crazy mind when she is going after me it let’s her think she is still talking to Vic, she is a total nut case, that’s why I don’t like dealing with her and I should have never responded to her in the first place, it will just keep going on and on and on, it’s all just a waste of time and a smoke screen to deflect from all the lies she has told.

    Abby, no I am not going to Waco to prove to crackhead Bernadette Feazell who I am, if I ever do make it to Waco I have plenty other things I need to do, I don’t need to prove myself to her and that is the issue she has. Plenty people know who I am including family of the victims, people I talked to in the Waco Police Department and the F.B.I. and other people connected to the case but Bernadette doesn’t and it bothers her to no end, how can she effectively spin her lies against some one she doesn’t know, she can’t and that drives her even more crazy than she already is, she is delusional and responding to her just keeps her going, it’s like being cruel to the mentally ill because Bernadette Feazell has some serious issues.


    • Vero I would have to say she is probably lying, this is what she usually does. Just look how she posts as Harry Storm, that is to give the impression that a third party has taken up her cause and it lends credence to her claims or at least that’s how many will read it, that is a common ploy used to mislead people. If people realize it’s Bernadette talking about herself in the third person, then it’s like when anybody talks about themselves in the third person, it’s like what’s up with that weirdo and Vero that is Bernadette Feazell; the biggest lying nut case weirdo to ever hit the state of Texas and that’s saying something!!!

      Now to be fair and honest I know there was one person that I have communicated with that questioned my identity but she thought I was Truman Simons and that was Christine Juhl and I would like to get into that but I don’t have the time right now, I will try tonight. And this will show exactly what I’m saying about Bernadette wanting to keep the conversation on issues that really don’t matter like my identity, the people that know me like you know me those that don’t don’t and that’s that, what should be of interest to everyone is the truth, again clearly something Bernadette Feazell wants to obstruct at any and all cost.





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