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Jan Thompson,  aunt of victim Jill Montgomery,  began to write to “Brian Lewis” a few years ago.  I told her it was Vic and that I could not stay friends with her and her family if they were going to betray me to Vic.  She vehemently said it wasn’t Vic.  Then she became angry because the case isn’t just about Jill,  there were other victims, and people who were affected by it everywhere.  Finally, upon finding out that the Thompson family and Jan,  Jill’s aunt had a tape and tried to sell it to TEXAS MONTHLY,  the relationship went south.  Jan Thompson sat on a tape proving Tony Melendez’s innocence,  or at least enough to get the case reopened,  OR at least she should have played it for Michael Hall BEFORE HIS ARTICLE,  but she didn’t.  That was enough for me to sign off.  Now it seems Jan thinks Brian Lewis is Vic and they’re having a great time, talk and no evidence.

The TEXAS FORENSICS COMMISSION will have the final word on this case,  not Bernadette Feazell, they will have EVIDENCE.

Vic Feazell is scared of the truth.  Jan Thompson and her daughters?  I have no idea,  did not know about them trying to sell the tape to Texas Monthly until it was over.

I can be wrong,  if I am I admit it.

I do NOT say anything unless I can prove it.  Unlike the rest of them,  I am held to a much higher standard of truth.


BLK67  Jan Thompson,  misunderstood Aunt wanting the truth or just wants a pity party with someone agreeable she doesn’t want to be Vic Feazell?

    • Vero I would have to say she is probably lying, this is what she usually does. Just look how she posts as Harry Storm, that is to give the impression that a third party has taken up her cause and it lends credence to her claims or at least that’s how many will read it, that is a common ploy used to mislead people. If people realize it’s Bernadette talking about herself in the third person, then it’s like when anybody talks about themselves in the third person, it’s like what’s up with that weirdo and Vero that is Bernadette Feazell; the biggest lying nut case weirdo to ever hit the state of Texas and that’s saying something!!!

      Now to be fair and honest I know there was one person that I have communicated with that questioned my identity but she thought I was Truman Simons and that was Christine Juhl and I would like to get into that but I don’t have the time right now, I will try tonight. And this will show exactly what I’m saying about Bernadette wanting to keep the conversation on issues that really don’t matter like my identity, the people that know me like you know me those that don’t don’t and that’s that, what should be of interest to everyone is the truth, again clearly something Bernadette Feazell wants to obstruct at any and all cost.



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