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     Vic Feazell:  A Hero’s Journey

Being a hero and adored by women means so much to Vic Feazell and Truman Simons,  it’s unimaginable.  Not just one woman,  no,  that isn’t enough,  they loved being loved by the entire world.  The book CARELESS WHISPERS gave that to them back in the 80’s and it’s hard to get older and give that hero stuff up, and if you think I am lying,  please look below at the “self published” works of Vic Feazell.  EGO,  political ego,  male ego,  cop ego, hard to give up.  You can stay a family as long as you kiss their ass.  Truman Simons,  Sherre Johnston, and Vic Feazell told me that I either believed Spence did the crime or I was “out.”

Harry Storm:  OUT since 2002


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