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             “Beware the man in which the urge to punish is too great”

If there was a REAL Brian Lewis,  he’dve contacted a lot of people who have written him and shown off his face.  A face that was NOT VIC FEAZELL.  Or maybe made a phone call and let folks hear his voice.  This doesn’t happen, however,  because Vic Feazell is Brian Lewis, trying to glean information by talking to people instead of reading Appeals Court Briefs.

Brian Lewis and Vic Feazell need to know something,  Harry Storm/BFeazell put a few things together and met with the FBI.

So,  for all you lawyers that think intimidating people who have been to the Feds with real evidence,  think again.

Vic is upset because he thinks his ex wife started the “David Spence didn’t do it”,  the entire county,  and state,  figured that out a long time ago.  Long before the ex wife did,  which is embarrassing.

The reason Jan Thompson, aunt of victim Jill Montgomery,  never gets contacted is because folks figure that anyone who can’t figure out Brian is Vic isn’t worth the effort.  Duhhh.

New Federal Grand Jury started this past month.  Sure did.  New Judge,  not some bloated toad like Walter Smith either.

Vic Feazell,  being a hero means everything.

Vic Feazell hurt a lot of people,  he had his victories and greatness but with the Lake Murder people were mowed over and ruined.  People have suffered while Feazell doesn’t even feel curious as to whether or not David and the others did it.  Nope.  Cock sure.

Vic Feazell and Truman Simons have an answer for everything.  That is,  if you can get them to answer YOUR questions.

Try going to a Criminal Law seminar.



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