I'm Mad Too, Harry.

Bernadette Feazell,  former wife of McLennan County District Attorney, Vic Feazell,   contacted Ranger Patrick Pena of Waco and informed him that there were tape recordings that had been played for her and many others in the possession of one Fredric Dannen,  writer,   and that those tapes needed to go to law enforcement.

Dannen’s response is below.

A sampling of those incredible tapes can be read as Exhibits in the CLEMENCY PETITION filed by Reaves and Dannen 12/14/14.

Ranger Pena said there was nothing he could do unless Abel Reyna’s office asked the Rangers for assistance.  Even AFTER Russ Hunt took a tape to Reyna’s office,  nothing has happened AND the Rangers,  who would like to get involved, cannot.

The tapes were delivered to District Attorney Abel Reyna’s office in October of 2014,  by Waco Criminal Law Specialist and attorney for David Wayne Spence,  Russ Hunt, Sr.  in person. 

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  1. I just read something that Sherre person wrote and she mentioned a very dear friend of a lot of South Wacoans…..shed better shut her pie hole or all of South Waco will be on her ass! You can tell her I said it too….she should be in jail but f’d her way out of it…..Im so mad….when and if this Judy comes to Waco she and all of our South Waco bunch will show up where she it.

    • Vic Feazell hired Sherre Johnston because Truman was having sex with her and Truman wanted her around the office. Vic didn’t care that Truman’s wife, Judy, who is sweet and didn’t deserve any of this, was humiliated and Vic surely didn’t care. Sherre used to tell everyone that “Vic has Abel in his pocket so you better watch out”, sure enough, that was true. Then back in 2015 Vic and his buddy Abel put Greg Feazell in jail and wanted “5 years in prison”, sweet. Vic is screaming, Kinder and others now because he knows his goose is cooked. Sherre, well, she still has the Sheriff up her twat and no charges. Vic was the first Abel bribe I noticed, however, not the last. Sherre thinks she’s bulletproof because she’s slept her way out of stuff this long. Desperate, that’s what they are. OH, and you are right, stupid.

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