I'm Mad Too, Harry.

Vic?  Brian?  Vic?  Brian?  Jan Thompsons going to be really mad at you someday soon.
Image result for vic feazell billboard
Perhaps Brian Lewis isn’t Vic Feazell,  the Vic Feazell I thought I knew was smarter than this guy Brian.  Vic believed in science,  and evidence.  He used to say that eye witness testimony was the worst in the world.  Brian Lewis just rambles and insults women by asking them if they have forgotten their meds when they disagree with him.
The last time I saw Vic Feazell in a meeting about the Lake Murder was in 2002.  THAT Vic Feazell, when told that there was DNA to be run in the Lake Case and that the four convicted might be innocent,  was horrified to hear that he could have been wrong and wanted to help free Tony Melendez if he was wrong and could.
Now,  that was MY VIC FEAZELL.
We weren’t married and hadn’t…

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