The Jacob Anderson plea deal was sweeet by anyone’s standards.  Ex DA Reyna and Ralph Strother along with Hilary LaBorde took up for themselves and said that they knew things we didn’t know and they couldn’t tell us.

It looked like a bribe deal.  It looked like some rich Dallas folks came to Waco and bribed a DA whose reputation for bribery was already in place.  Better yet,  Reyna answered to no one.  No one.  Perfecto.  After the surprise loss in the Primary,  Abel seemed to spend a lot of time at the prison in Gatesville and in Dallas.  The street rumor was that Abel had  a job with the Andersons of Dallas in return for the sweet plea deal.  When it all blew up,  one had to wonder if they were stupid enough to go along with the job.  Guess not.  Now it’s a Prison Ministry?

Whatever was/is going on,  and we will find out soon,  believe me, the only question left is what did Strother know?  What was his part in it?  Hilary LaBorde,  did he just use her and tell her to do something and she did,  like he wanted Julissa West,  Brittany Lannen and others to do and they wouldn’t?

Now that Abel Reyna can’t put away your future offspring,  it’s safe.  You can bet the local citizens,  who Abel thought were too stupid to be told the truth about TWIN PEAKS and other things,  have timelines and outlines and probably more evidence than the cops on the bribes and other things that have happened.

Unlike before,  when Abel was in power,  there was nowhere to go.  Well,  now there is.

Abel’s new job,  a minister?   Is it a joke we don’t get?  Did the job with the Andersons fall through and now Abel is going to do a jail ministry?

This certificate appeared like a miracle over the weekend.


TODAY’s quote from Jim Dunnam in Judge Vicki Menard’s Courtroom

“I got a call this summer from the defense lawyers for Mr. Anderson wanting to come meet with me and talk about his parents paying my client money to drop the criminal proceedings. That’s interfering. I said no. I am not going to meet with them and discuss by implication paying her money in exchange for her trying to drop the charges. This has been about staying out of the criminal proceedings.”

Fort Worth attorney Tim Moore, who represented Anderson in the criminal case with Mark Daniel, said Tuesday that Dunnam is blowing the situation out of proportion. He said no such offer would have been made without the involvement and cooperation of the district attorney’s office.

“I recall one very brief phone conversation with Mr. Dunnam,” Moore said. “I recall asking him about possible restitution, if any. Nothing substantive was discussed and there were most certainly no offers made. There were no further conversations.”


This photo is on the Internet,  you google Judge Ralph Strother and you have him on the right side of Jacob Anderson,  that is where Judge Strother’s decision and sneaky behavior have put him.

Image result for ralph strother

I don’t care if you thought this plea was the right thing to do (and you and I both know you don’t and didn’t),  I don’t care if you got paid,  I don’t care if you didn’t,  this was just about the most stupid thing to have done ever.  I really never thought you’d be this gawddamned stupid not to see the sh*T storm this would cause.  Whatever great stuff you think you did,  your legacy,  you certainly f#cked this one up with this plea.  Probably because everyone kisses your judge butt because they’re all scared.  

“Venerable” or “Suspicious”………………………

Image result for montgomery burns memes


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