September 1, 2018


Harry gets catfished and doesn’t care.


Dear Sherre and Terry,

One of my readers sent me the photo of the flyer and we fell for it.  Wow.  Okay,  we are sorry we accused Sherre Johnston of phoning Rissa Shaw,  we apologize for anything we got wrong.  We were fooled.  You decided to pull a little trick and it worked.  We’re insane and going to hell.  We fell for your set up.

Now,  tell us what happened to the charges regarding the Sheriff’s shed.





Sherre did NOT call Rissa Shaw or anyone at Kwtx or anyone else. That is a PROVEN lie. Call the SO. Call the WPD. She has not been charged with any burglaries, and again does not have 5 or 6 or whatever new number you want to make up in DWI’s. That is a proven lie. Again, this is in the past. From what I’ve seen, you have PLENTY of “mistakes” in your past.
Why is Rissa not making a statement about this, and backing up what you say? We truly wish she would. You conveniently publish what fits in with your fairy tales. You leave out what doesn’t.
Trying to reason with an insane person is mute, that is why most people don’t even bother with you.

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