Thinking about Brittany Scaramucci this afternoon and how she stood up to Guy Cox. I like this woman. This is how we should be. Brittany Scaramucci kicks ass.

Lake Waco Triple Murder

                 tick tock,  tick tock,  tick tock

Brittany Scaramucci

Brittany Scaramucci

Guy Cox was the attorney for the Jarvis couple,  the secretary to Ken Starr that got covered up BIG TIME.  Mrs. Jarvis went to jail on a DWI,  Mr. Jarvis,  also drunk as a skunk,  was taken home only to return DRUNK and chew out the Sheriff’s folks.  Oh, hell,  that ain’t right,  they’re innocent.  HELLO?  et tu,  Guy Cox?

Recently it seems some Baylor folks get a little pissed at Harry.  THIS was Baylor,  this was bullshit.  THIS was passed off on the public as okie dokie.  You want to tell us the FBI can’t make a case?

More bullshit,  what more do you need?

This was a bad one,  a total political job and slap in the front of everyone.

Kenn Starr’s secretary gets off a DWI,  AND her husband.  Give me…

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