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  “So much for the guy who played “Jesus” in the Mary Hardin Baylor EasterPageant”   

Harry Storm on Vic Feazell

Testimony of Walter Smith in Vic Feazell’s BELO trial,  well,  with editing from Vic Feazell.  Seems Vic’s not beyond editing documents in his Vic Feazell blog to suit what he wants the truth to be.

Bernadette Feazell was taken out of a restaurant by the FBI in 1986,  with her four year old son.  She had to give her fingerprints to the FBI after being accused of the attempted murder of Walter Smith.  Walter Smith’s testimony about this was critical  and he was the Belo’s   only   witness.

Because Vic doesn’t want her to have any credibility at all,  because he knows what he did in the Lake Murder is wrong,  he has totally deleted all mention of her in this transcript.  No shit.  He did some great things but he knows he and Truman messed up in the Lake Murder,  he doesn’t care,  he can’t accept it because it made him/them heroes.

Vic also removed a photo of Gilbert’s truck from his website when it came to light that Truman shredded it.   This was the only photo of the truck there is by the way.  Truman shredded it at Lipshitz, see link below.

See,  the ego is the same,  and once you cross these bullies,  it’s on baby.

Vic Feazell is so scared of not being your forgotten tear in the eye hero he will alter the past just to get history on his side.

Sound familiar?  Vote Barry Johnson.


Gilbert's truck


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