I have been accused and fingerprinted for the attempted murder of Federal Judge Walter Smith so motherfu*kcer,  you ain’t shit.                                         Harry Storm


There’s a rumor around town.  More than a rumor but it concerns a child,  so no one wants to tackle the “Emperor’s New Clothes”,  the worst Abel Reyna story yet, but the adoption of a new family member is “Kings X’ and off limits.

See,  that’s how natural children think.  You speculate on how to handle the life of the adopted one.  We must be protected from the truth about our own origin even though most of us can “feel” we are in the wrong movie, or at some point we find a paper, or a cousin tells us.  One thing’s for sure,  whether you want to hear and believe me or not,  adopted people FIND OUT.

If you think it’s all Angelina Jolie,  it isn’t.  Adopted kids are more likely to have psychological problems,  low birth weight, on and on,  they know something’s off, get nothing but lies usually and “pretty stories” and when they do find out the truth it leaves them stunned for a while, if nothing else.

A while back,  Clint Broden, the Dallas attorney for Clendennen,  shut down an attempt to “out” the Abeladoptinghisbrother’skidwhilenotprosecutinghim saying it wasn’t the kids fault.  Man,  I am crazy about Clint Broden, but I tend to be pretty crazy about ANYONE who can do two things at once.


On September 17, 1986 while Vic Feazell was being arrested by the FBI downtown, his wife and four year old son were escorted out of the KETTLE, restaurant,  by the FBI.

This is the same son Vic later got Abel Reyna to jail and threaten with “five years in prison”.  Vic did this because “it all went to his head”,  hey,  it went to mine too but I wasn’t the great Vic Feazell DA,  I wasn’t the big “Christian” speaking to groups all over Texas about “forgiveness”,  and God.  Vic beat the FBI and went on to have money.  Once he did,  he quickly dropped most everyone he knew “before”,  and the son who had to go to a shrink after being taken out of the Kettle by famous FBI idiot Greg Rampton.  This type surrounds themselves with ass kissers.  Once I didn’t kiss his ass anymore,  once I wasn’t a cheerleader,  I was useless to him,  so was his only kid he used in his campaign ads.

He did the same thing he was accused of doing years before, using his money and position to influence a DA.  Instead of Don Hall influencing Vic Feazell,  it’s Vic Feazell influencing Abel Reyna twenty years later.  Think this doesn’t piss me off?


  Unlike the blessed,  my son spent four months in JAIL.  See,  we’re tough,  we’re used to being bullied by a DA,  we lived with one.

Get mad.  I’m not through.

You can call Harry a woman scorned whatever that means,  personally,  once you go through a Federal Racketeering trial having to put up with the defendant and his lawyers you don’t give a rat’s ass what anyone calls you in two words.

I know who I am.  I know the truth when it bites me on the ass,  which, ultimately it had to do I was in such hero worship denial.  Whatever shit you call or say about me,  probably true, and I take bad pictures.

Greg Feazell is the only blood relative of Bernadette Feazell she ever knew.  Makes a big difference,  if you don’t think so,  I don’t care.


Vic did some great stuff.  He used to have guys accused of molestation etc. polygraphed,  the “he said, she said” stuff was just getting started back then and he thought about it and did what he thought was the only thing he could.

Did Vic dismiss DWI’s?  Sure did.  I made him do a “desk drawer probation” for Nick Nicholson,  kept that DWI in his desk for a year and Nick didn’t drive drunk,  he used a taxi.

See, Vic hates me/Harry because of the Lake Murder.  I don’t think David did it.  Vic does.  Why?  Because he can’t give that up,  it’s his big “HERO” thing.

TWIN PEAKS is Abel Reyna’s big hero thing and he couldn’t give it up.  Problem is, he got all cocaine invincible and got too big with it.

In the Lake Murder Vic, Truman etc messed up the lives of a few hundred,  Abel, has torched the lives of thousands.

I’ll never forget a meeting where Vic found out that he could be wrong about David Spence and the Lake Murder,  he pretended to be interested and even offered to help pay for the DNA,  of course,  now he would rather believe in the tooth fairy than DNA.

Ego.  Ego. Ego.  Being a HERO means more to a Narcissist than anything.  He’ll throw out his children to maintain a myth.

Vic Feazell was arrested for bribery and racketeering along with mail fraud in 1986.

Six weeks BEFORE the general election.

Suddenly,  we have a kinder, gentler FBI,  a dormant newspaper, and a DA whose most despicable act we cannot talk about.

Had it.

I am adopted,  I found out this past year thanks to 23andME that my aunt was my mother.  She was a big Christian and took it upon herself to lie to herself and me then die.  Long story,  not worth telling anymore.

If you pretend to have “Family Values” and you don’t then you are a hypocrite we laugh at you behind your back.

Let me offend you another way.

Once upon a time an older man seduced a very young woman.  Too young.  This umarried woman had a baby and a man in charge took the baby and made it his own.  McLennan County voters need to know if this man was prosecuted and if not why not.  Seems another assistant DA quit his job because of the inequity of this situation.

If you’re not “getting it”,  don’t know this story,  ask anyone,  everyone knows and it’s one glorious mess involving an adopted kid who doesn’t deserve any of it.

That said,  get ready to get really mad.

Adopted kids know their mothers gave them away.  Their first question,  and they can’t voice it,  it’s in their head,  is “WHY”?

TRUTH hurts even the innocent,  Harry was innocent once,  before the “Family Values” folks made his decisions for him.

Abel Reyna,  what have you done?


“If I’dve shot at this mfkr,  I’dve hit him”……………….

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