Is Harry being threatened?  


Beginning  Friday around six,  Sherre Johnston,  fresh from her Hearing at the Courthouse AND receiving her final sentence,  for 3 DWI’s,  illegally carrying a gun, and failure to identify, has decided since she has her final sentence it’s her turn to let lose on Harry in 19 different “comments”.   Seems Harry has had sex with Harry’s own son.  All manner of sex with married people, ungodliness, going to hell, no money, lying, on and on.  Seems in her Christian sphere,  if you have God you have money.  If you are just getting by you’re a moocher and unChristian.  Love it.   To Harry,  Sherre’s kids are off limits,  but Harry’s just a degenerate.  To Sherre, the Christian,  saying someone had sex with their own kids is about all she can say.  She says that one a lot too.


The full litany is linked below,  but this is the one Harry’s and his friends are the most disturbed by and why the cops were called to Harry’s place today.

From Sherre:

“No reply? Yes. I have A LOT on you . I won’t play this insane game with you . This is all YOU. YOU are the narcissist. How are you helping the bikers? How does this help the bikers? This is about your own insane vindeta . Yes, I own a lot of guns, and I’m a good shot. I taught my kids how to shoot. That’s my right as an American to protect myself . That’s ONE thing that I don’t have to apologize for .”


Sherre wants her comments published and is shaming Harry for not putting them all up here sooner.

Harry started this blog to protect himself from:  Sherre Johnston,  Truman Simons, and Vic Feazell.  Much more safety in the public knowing and seeing public information paperwork online.

Anyway,  here is what’s up with Sherre,  my favorite is where she’s pissed off about her picture,  wonder if she wrote KWTX and told them she’s a good shot too?




Sherre Johnston _1-15-18

“Yes, I own a lot of guns, and I’m a good shot. I taught my kids how to shoot. That’s my right as an American to protect myself . That’s ONE thing that I don’t have to apologize for .”

“Take my picture down”                 Guess she forgot KWTX posted it.


  • Owner

    Company NameRicochet Boutique, LLC

    Dates EmployedJan 2017 – Present

    Employment Duration1 yr 1 mo

    LocationThe Marketplace, Waco, Texas

    Women’s clothing boutique , and gifts.

  • Private Investigator/Legal Assistant

    Company NameSimons Investigations

    Dates Employed2004 – Dec 2016

    Employment Duration12 yrs

  • Marketing Director/part-time

    Company NameRoyal Manor Health Care Inc

    Dates EmployedMar 2016 – Sep 2016

    Employment Duration7 mos

  • Part-time paralegal/investigator

    Company NameFeazell and Tighe PC

    Dates EmployedNov 2000 – Mar 2015

    Employment Duration14 yrs 5 mos


  • Compliance officer/Asst. Supervisor

    Company NameSterling Trust Company

    Dates Employed1990 – Aug 2001

    Employment Duration11 yrs

    LocationWaco, Texas Area





  1. I accomplished what I wanted. You are leaving people alone that aren’t here anymore to defend themselves. Like I said, I have proof of everything I’ve said. I will be glad to share it in a deposition that you keep threatening with, ANYTIME. Cameron Thompson told several of us that . We have moved on from the Thompson’s, and they need to do the same. Your poor son has shared a lot with me. I have it all. The proof is in the pudding. You didn’t become the bike icon you thought you would. They see through you. You haven’t been able to become famous or extort any money out of any of us like you had hoped . You never made Oprah. That’s funny. All you have left, is rambling on about me. Go ahead. You obviously aren’t going to get the help you desperately need. I think you’re beyond help. That’s very sad. I have a life to lead. Things I need to do. You obviously don’t . Go back to your computer.

    • No one cares about my kid or yours. People
      know there’s a flaky story about the Sheriff’s brother, dying with you conveniently right there. NO one cares about your rehab, were you drunk when you burglarized the shed or sober? Now that’s a question. I hope a lawyer with the CIVIL SUITS IN AUSTIN deposes you, not me, and go over your strange 911 tape, and other interesting things the ENTIRE TOWN knows about, not just me. You cheat on your Assistant Fire Chief husband, Truman Simons admitted it in deposition, people, not just me, think that this is demoralizing to the fire department. They also think it’s made the S.O a joke. Not me, you and sneaky dealings. I’m a bad parent, now, let’s talk about you and that 911 call.

    • Just got your message from Greg. Who the fuck are you to say anyone has bad parents? He told you the incest thing was bullshit, you idiot. Go to church and while you’re at it, think about saying people have sex with their children. You cow. Try driving off the bridge again, you can’t do anything right. Everyone ultimately fucks you over because you are a pest and a hypocrite. Can’t wait to put your text to my son online and his idiot words too. Your daughter cuts herself and you say someone else is a bad parent? Fuck you.

    • Extort money? What the hell are you talking about, offer up some proof you liar. My son told you there was no incest either, but you knew that. You’re so tough you can’t even make four weeks in jail, yeah, you’re a badass. Extort money? How? Everything about you is PUBLIC INFORMATION, if you had a brain you’d know that. ANYONE can access Public Information. Liar. Your church friends all know better too, you stupid bim.

  2. My blog has over 100,000 people who read it, I’m happy with it, thanks to you and your special treatment, plus whoring and that incredible 911 call, folks all over the world know the name “Sherre Johnston”, you may not be “fucking anybody now” from your text to my son, but you certainly spent time fucking a lot of people twenty years ago and blackmailing them now into sweet deals. You liked men in uniform and that got you places. Till your looks and luck ran out. OH, and Charlotte McNamara got your number. She loves you too I’m sure.

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