CLEMENCY PETITION ATTACHED,  SEE PAGE 13 Exhibit 36,  Feazell bugs Grand Jury                                      Clemency Petition Anthony Melendez (1)

If you take a look at “Vic Feazell, author” on FACEBOOK,  you’ll see Vic Feazell meditating and telling us all to be “unicorns” and to meditate,  just like him.  This man hooked his own son on GHB,  bugged the Spence Grand Jury,  had sex with people in his office when he was DA,  murdered a Federal Witness named Richard Bowers, and still wants you to “believe, believe”,  just like Tinkerbell, fading at the end of “Peter Pan”.  This man and Truman Simons shredded Gilbert Melendez’s truck in fear that someone might just check for blood.  Nope that was never done.

To stop the truth from coming out,  desperate Daddy got his “buddy” DA Reyna to jail his son.  Truman Simons had warned Greg Feazell,  and Greg’s mom,  that “Vic has Abel in his pocket”,  to scare them,  it worked too for a long time.

Ask this man why he doesn’t believe in DNA in the Lake Case.  Ask him why he doesn’t DEMAND that Jill Montgomery’s fingernails be run.  No,  they’re not degraded,  Truman never got his hands on them.  Ask this man why he would jail his son on a FELONY and ruin his life?  Ask him how he used his influence with ABEL REYNA to shut down his ex wife and use his only son to do it.  Ask him whether or not he took his    FULL FEE   as a lawyer from his son when his son got hit by a car on foot four years ago.

He’s busy meditating and self publishing books about himself as the “sage hero”.

Ask him why Truman Simons shredded Gilbert’s truck.  Ask why they NEVER had it checked for blood.

Same gamblers got immunity for testifying against this man as are involved with Reyna.

Reyna has cocaine,  Feazell,  well,  GHB is illegal now,  but when he used it,  it wasn’t.  Ask  Cecelia Feazell,  the current wife who “doesn’t care what I do”.

Mean, uncaring, non curious,  and just could NEVER be wrong.

Vic Feazell doesn’t believe in DNA for the Lake Case.

He and others have gotten their “way” for too long.

Meditating?  We think praying for forgiveness might be in order.  Oh,  yeah,  that’s right,  Vic’s an ordained minister.  He played “Jesus” in the Mary Hardin Baylor Easter Pageant years ago.





Vic Feazell,  meditating,  praying for the rest of us

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