What the hell is Bernadette Feazell doing at the Jake Carrizal trial?  You’d think she’d had enough of 54th. District Court after she testified in a Pre-trial Hearing in October 2014 in the Ed Graf case.  She testified that her ex husband,  Vic Feazell,  once Waco’s DA had taken home trial boxes from the Graf case.  Tommy Witherspoon delighted in writing in the Waco paper that the ex Mrs. Feazell was by all opinions,  a “liar”.  (Waco Tribune Herald October 2014,  Waco Tribune Herald June 2002)

Anyone who was at the Courthouse Annex the second day of jury selection saw the unfortunate Bernadette Feazell get seated next to a grizzly Tommy Witherspoon, who muttered,  “no,  no, no”,  as the Bailiff sat her next to him in a row of seats against the wall.  His disdain immediately won her friendship from several people and when the judge declared a break,  Tommy,  who couldn’t give you ten push ups if he tried, lumbered out of the room, angry that Fate had sat her next to him,  red in the face.  See,  he’s buddied up with Truman Simons and has been for over twenty years.  Seems back around the time Tommy cost the paper millions of dollars after the Davidian thing,  Tommy was thinking of finding a different job,  Truman Simons actually asked Vic Feazell to hire him.  Bernadette Feazell had a fit,  she reminded Vic, who she was still friends about the incident.  Vic,  as a result,  did not hire Witherspoon.  Of course,  the writer feels certain they will all deny this but today,  at this dawn of Reyna being investigated,  THEY have become liars overnight and the tables have turned.

Vic,  Truman,  and Sherre Johnston,  unfaithful wife of our Assistant Fire Chief,  all worked together.  Yep,  ole Vic hired Sherre for Truman so he could see her on a daily basis.  Bernadette Feazell pretty much had a cat fit over this move as they were located in an old bank building where ALL the lawyers were and everyone could see what was going on.

Truman loves to tell people that Bernadette was mad over something he did to his then wife Judy and “hell,  Judy didn’t even like her”.  Like that makes what they did okay.  This is their logic.

John Johnston,  our assistant fire chief and current husband of Sherre Johnston,  is a public figure.  Truman Simons is a Public Figure,  so is Sherre.  One week ago,  Sherre Johnston and Truman Simons showed up at the Carrizal trial at the Courthouse,  then got angry with Jim Parks,  the Legendary, who writes a blog here,  for writing it.  This is also their logic.  John Johnston has become a pitiful creature in the eyes of the firemen here and it has become a demoralizing issue no one seems to want to talk about as though if it’s okay with John it’s ok.  Hello?  City of Waco?

Sherre Johnston,  Vic Feazell, and Truman Simons thought it was okay to try to get evidence back from Tarrant County Forensics in 2002.  Simons put up another lawyer,  named Chapman to call Tarrant County Forensics and talk with Pat Eddings,  a Scientist there,  to get back the “bloody evidence from the Lake Waco Triple Murders”.

Russ Hunt took a tape recording to Reyna’s people with enough evidence to prove,  or at least open a murder investigation of an unsolved murder in Waco, Texas.  Reyna’s people did NOTHING.  NOTHING.  They decided to go after Jake Carrizal.

When Witherspoon called Bernadette Feazell a “liar”,  Michael Jarret knew better.  When Bernadette exited the witness chair,  Jarret told her that there were three sets of files missing from the DA’s office,  The Lake Waco Murder,  Henry Lee Lucas, and Ed Graf.

Vic Feazell then decided he would have to use his own son to stop Bernadette’s pursuit of the DNA inthe Lake Murder.  He had only ONE way left to do it.  Their only son.  You can google Greg Feazell and see his face and orange jumpsuit when his father had him arrested on a FELONY.  We’re not saying Greg Feazell has not had his problems,  drugs,  part of the Opiate problem (and his dad knew it).  See,  Vic knew Greg was on heroin,  he knew because,  he (Vic) was Greg’s lawyer after Greg got hit by a car and almost died in 2013.  Brain surgery, you name it.  Vic took his fee too.  Then he put Greg to work for him at his office with Sherre Johnston and Truman Simons THERE every day to ridicule Greg and give him a hard time about the Lake Murder.

When that didn’t work,  Vic had his son put in jail for theft at his office.  Greg spent about five months in jail and then his mother got him out thanks to one GREAT BAIL BONDSWOMAN SUE PAULING.  Months.  Greg went through heroin withdrawal in jail.  Vic Feazell went  to THE PAVILLION in North Carolina for sex and drug addiction.

The things Abel Reyna should have done he did not do.  He should have investigated the tape well respected Russ Hunt gave them.  He did Vic a favor and had Greg Feazell indicted.  Bernadette told them to get ready for trial and Vic was their witness so they  dropped the case.  Dropped the case,  AFTER telling Greg and his mom he was going to do FIVE YEARS IN PRISON.  5 years in prison because that is what Vic Feazell wanted to have happen to his son.

“Greg has a job opportunity out of state and I no longer believe it is in this best interest to persecute him.”                           Last line in letter from Vic Feazell to Abel Reyna Feb. 2015.

There was no job out of state.  Greg Feazell ultimately moved back to Mexico where he had lived for years before.  Greg couldn’t get a job with his picture on google and even though the charges were dropped,   his life was ruined here.

Vic had overplayed his hand,  much like Reyna with the Biker’s.  Overkill.  Too much buddy buddy.  Once Greg Feazell was safe in Mexico from the Texas/McLennan County legal system, Bernadette Feazell was free.

Jake Carrizal is free and his freedom will bring freedom for those bikers yet to be tried in this idiot drama.  This Judge has nothing to be proud of either,  they forced people to be on this jury and then wonder why this happens.

Vic Feazell got Abel Reyna to put his drugged out son in jail,  Vic was tired of Fatherhood and decided to stick one to the ex wife while he was at it.  That is how much being a hero means to them.  This is how much the love and adoration of a large group of people means to them,  this is the “ego” that has done this to us in this county.

This is what they do here for eachother.  Oh,  let’s not forget Sherre Johnston’s multiple DWI’s,   carrying a concealed weapon,  and other charges from 2015 with no disposition because she’s his friend and yep,  they are connected and also with Witherspoon.  One big happy family.

Greg Feazell’s arrest made it to the news,  the charges being dropped did not,  there is a “they” and we’re calling “them” out.

Russ Hunt gave these fools a murder with a confession,  Hunt also talked to JR Price,  Bernadette Feazell talked to Jan Price,  she also wrote the City and talked to the Police Chief and FBI.  Hunt also talked to the FBI.  There is a tape.  An unsolved murder of an “expendable” person.

Real murder,  not TWIN PEAKS murder.  Your DA does nothing.  This is only one incident.  One person’s story.  These people can and will ruin your life over nothing.  They will squeeze your truth for their ego until you have nothing left but the truth itself and that won’t get you anywhere,  until they finally mess it up big time.  This time.

This is a letter from Vic Feazell to Abel Reyna about his own son.  Notice he uses the word “persecute” instead of prosecute.

You cross them,  you get it,  you have nowhere to go.  Now you do.

Now is the time to act and not take it anymore.  Future blackmail stops now.  If you notice,  we have the letter Vic sent to Reyna.  We got it from Bernadette Feazell,  see,  he wants her to know he has power and money and it can buy what he wants from his friend.

Don’t stop now.



Image result for Vic FeazellImage result for Vic Feazell

Vic Feazell                                                 Greg Feazell





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