“The last government witness Thursday, was Randy Roberts of Waco, who identified himself as a bookie and professional gambler.  He testified that he and another man each gave Feazell $1,000 in cash in 1982 as a campaign contribution when Feazell was running for DA.  He testified he got no receipt.”      San Antonio Express-News June 26, 1987

Randy Roberts,  known gambler of Waco,  owns the Showtime Club.   The Showtime Club is a Topless Bar on LaSalle,  has been there forever.  If Topless Bars don’t conjure up mayhem and a little gambling you’re under a rock.  Randy Roberts is also known to be a big friend of Johnny Ash,  the third guy Reyna called on the phone records as part of the TWIN PEAKS case,  AND the other name is Randy Crook,  owner of the SALTY DOG bar, and another friend of Randy Roberts.  All friends of DA Abel Reyna.

Randy’s dad was Ray Roberts,  former owner of the Showtime Bar,  he was around during the tenure of DA Felipe Reyna,  Abel Reyna’s dad,  next was Feazell and the news article below.

NOW we have our DA,  Abel Reyna’s first calls after finding out about Twin Peaks to Randy Crook and Johnny Ash.

You also see where the Feds are no strangers to giving Immunity to a couple of Waco Gamblers either.






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