Harry’s    SECOND “OH, Sh*T”    moment……………

Phone Records at bottom of page


254-315-1407 Abel Reyna’s Wife
254-709-7555 Randy Crook
254-749-3300 John Ash

These are the first three people Abel Reyna called when he found out  TWIN PEAKS had just erupted.

If you are a Wacoan,  you can just look at the phone records above,  to see the evidence,  you recognize these names,   you’re a prisoner here,  so are your future offspring if they don’t watch out they’ll be the future victims of Waco Power Sperm Club Justice.

If you are not from Waco but are still reading this you’re either a biker or you saw the word,  “Waco”,  and know whatever it is it’s crazy and under the headline of  “You can’t make this shit up.”

Let’s forget Abel’s wife for now,  this is the boys club game,  she’s home with an infant,  of course,  Randy Crook AND Johnny Ash plus others were at her wedding with Abel in Mexico,  plenty of FACEBOOK pictures.

Cut to it?  Randy Crook is the owner of the “Salty Dog” bar and restaurant.  It is situated one mile from Abel Reyna’s house on Mt. Carmel in Waco.  Abel gets to drop by on his way home.

Sure Johnny Ash and Randy Crook and the others are rumored badasses but Abel,  a good guy himself,  knows that even though Johnny and Randy have terrible reputations they’re great friends to him and shouldn’t be branded as bad just because some bad people go to their bar or hang out with them.

If we,  however,  use the same cruel imagination as Mr. Reyna has used on one Jake Carrizal,  we might mistake his call to his friend Randy Crook as another man’s call to his drug dealer,  needing a “bump” on his way to the Twin Peaks shootout.



If Jake Carrizal is guilty because of who he hangs out with … what about this guy???







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  2. This is Bullsh*t. I know all three of these men and I very highly doubt Randy is a cocaine dealer. Three great men and it gets turned into this because why? Drama for people to read? I am disgusted. These are three of the nicest men you will ever meet. Iconic even.

    • Never met any of the people involved, have no opinion, am reporting written evidence, the phone records, and rumor that has been around for years. They are lucky to have you as their friend. Thanks for reading, will be watching the Hearing today for sure!

    • Randy Roberts iconic? OK. Apples don’t fall far from trees. Look at the records of his kids, Randy Roberts Jr and April Roberts

      • Dynasty just continues, doesn’t it? We remember Ray Roberts, and a certain strange shooting. Thanks for throwing us yet more members of Ancestry.com Waco style.

  3. I am Carla Cash’s nephew. I have the toxicology report. My aunt did not die of a cocaine overdose. There was no cocaine in her system. I’ve known Randy most of my life. He is not a cocaine dealer.

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