To Bernadette Feazell,  Truman Simons,  Sherre Johnston,  and Vic Feazell are the same person.

In June of 2002 when she found out that Truman Simons had shredded Gilbert Melendez’s truck,  the one that supposedly transported bleeding victims from Koehne Park to Speegleville,  she was very angry.

She would never forget a lunch at the Simons house in Robinson one Sunday afternoon when the Feazell family had lunch with the Simons.

As they drew nearer the house,  she noticed something she did not know about.

Gilbert Melendez’s old Ford Truck sitting right by what she figured was Truman Simons’ bedroom window.

Bernadette Feazell hates surprises and this was one for sure.

She had been taking up for Truman and Vic for years and their heroic investigation of the Lake Waco Murder.  NOW,  Truman goes and does something this suspicious?  Bringing THAT truck to his house AND right by where he lay his head at night?

Of course,  she asked Truman about it immediately and he gave her some long story and she was satisfied with that as he was such a wonderful man and would never lie to her or anyone else.  Poor Truman and Vic,  the pain of being misunderstood heroes.

Seeing the truck by Simons’ window Bernadette had one big reaction,  but nothing compared to finding out that Simons had shredded that truck.  She was living in Mexico at the time but flew immediately to Austin and confronted Truman and Sherre who had become his girlfriend.  He and Sherre assured her that his wife did not care and that as soon as she was out of nursing school they were divorcing.  They had an “agreement”.

Soon she found out that there was no “agreement”,  only the worst kind of cheating and flaunting of the affair.  Making Sherre Johnston Vic’s secretary made Bernadette Feazell furious.  This was no way for Simons to treat his wife,  AND,  especially after Simons knew how Vic had humiliated Bernadette with his “middle aged crazy” antics including going to Rehab for sex addiciton.

There was  no good explanation as to why Truman had shredded that truck.

He said  he was “tired of looking at it”,  well, guess so it was blocking your bedroom window view.

Bernadette Feazell was seeing Truman Simons in a new light.  He could no longer “Simonize” her into thinking the way he did.

He could no longer “Simonize” her with the  “strong,  silent,  sad,  law enforcement guy” act she had fallen for and now hated herself for doing.

It wasn’t just lies,  it was gawddamned lies.

Then,  Vic, Truman, and Sherre,   gave her a choice.

She picked the road.

Their good friend Tommy Witherspoon has now called Bernadette Feazell,  “liar”,  more than once in the newspaper and many people are reading the blog and wondering why Sherre is hooked up with the Lake Murder.

Lies and Truman,  long years of money in the form of salary from Vic to both of them.

     “I am willing to take a polygraph and do a drug screen anytime.  I am not a liar and I challenge Vic Feazell,  Truman Simons,  and Sherre Johnston to a polygraph with 10 questions I will happily answer if they will do the same,  except for a pipe of weed now and then I take no meds or even alcohol.”

-Bernadette Feazell

“When Vic put our son in jail,  that did it”,  he was trying to stop me and knew he couldn’t do anything to me so he put our son in jail to face heroin withdrawl incarcerated.  Vic,  when he was on drugs and suffered from  sex addiction went to a posh rehab.  His son.  Jail.  Vic then wrote Reyna three letters and was the “Puppetmaster” of Greg’s case.  Abel Reyna dropped the case and Greg moved to Mexico.  He was unable to get a job here, of course.  Now that Greg is safe I am no longer silent”, she said.

“When I no longer thought David Spence did it,  I became expendable,  so did our son who was taken out of a restaurant in 1986 by FBI agents when his dad was arrested”.

Bernadette and Greg Feazell at a campaign rally in 1982

Image may contain: 3 people, indoor

Gilbert Melendez’s Truck                  ultimately shredded at Lipshitz in WacoNo automatic alt text available.


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