Anthony Melendez received this letter from Fredric Dannen in 2014 along with the Clemency Petition,  he immediately mailed them to Jan Thompson,  aunt of victim Jill Montgomery,  and Bernadette Feazell.  He also sent them this letter from Dannen as he was very angry and wanted his case and this Petition public.

Fredric Dannen      New York Times Best Selling Author  Fredric Dannen

From:Fredric Dannen, Customer ID 5219597
T0    :Anthony Melendez, ID: 00378525
Date  : 12/14/14  5:34:06 PM EST,   Letter ID: 116988191
Location: TL
Dear Anthony,
We have a shot at getting you out, but you’ve just made it more difficult.  You told either Bernadette or Jan that we filed a petition for you, but in any case Bernadette knows, and she’s going to try to get a copy of it an d make it public.  If she does that, our efforts will almost certainly fail.
When are you going to learn that Bernadette is not your friend, does not care about you, and is motivated only by  vindictiveness?  She is angry because we took her off the team, and we did that because she cannot keep her mouth shut.  The reason you have attorney/client privilege is because there are things about your defense  work that you are entitled  to keep secret.  Because of her, some of your most important secrets have been published in the Waco newspaper and Texas Monthly.  She is harming your chances to win your freedom.
Reaves and I have spent a good part of this year working on your behalf – working on the DNA, writing briefs, and raising money.  All she has done is try to get publicity for herself, at your expense.
If you communicate with her or  Jan, please ask them to keep quiet, for your sake.
Best regards,

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