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FILED IN SECRECY: Clemency Petition


This was filed in secret December 14, 2014.  The tape recordings that are marked and referred to as “Exhibits” were not and are not in the possession of Walter Reaves,  the attorney for Anthony Melendez.

In this Petition,  you will see where Simons,  Feazell, and Butler take FIVE confessions from Anthony Melendez on tape.

In 2010 Bernadette Feazell told Dannen and Reaves that it was imperative for them to hand over these tapes of prosecutors telling Melendez what to say to then Senator Rodney Ellis of Houston,  the Chairman of the Justice Committee in Texas.  That year they were having Hearings on FALSE CONFESSIONS.  Surely,  confessions on TAPE would interest them and help get Melendez out of jail?

Dannen and Reaves refused Bernadette Feazell’s request, which became a demand,  which became a harsh threat.  She told Dannen and Reaves that if they did not turn over the tapes to Senator Ellis she would go public with the wrong they were doing.

If you read nothing else in this case,  please read the above riveting Clemency Petition,  obviously written by the New York writer.


Petition for Clemency Anthony Melendez (1)

Fredric Dannen

Fredric Dan­nen is a jour­nal­ist and author with a spe­cial­ty in crim­i­nal jus­tice. He has been a staff writer for the New York­er and Van­i­ty Fair.

In 1990, Hit Men, his book about the Amer­i­can music indus­try and the influ­ence of orga­nized crime, spent a mon­th on the New York Timesbest­seller list.  One of his Van­i­ty Fair arti­cles prompt­ed the Six­th Cir­cuit Court of Appeals to rebuke the U.S. Jus­tice Dept. for fraud­u­lent­ly with­hold­ing excul­pa­to­ry evi­dence in the case of Cleve­land auto work­er John Dem­jan­juk, who was extra­dit­ed, wrong­ly con­vict­ed, and sen­tenced to hang in Israel as the Nazi war-criminal “Ivan the Ter­ri­ble.” He secured the only inter­view given by Los Ange­les police chief Daryl Gates on the heels of the infa­mous Rod­ney King beat­ing, and the only inter­view ever given by crime boss Loren­zo Nichols, the crack king­pin of New York City.

While con­duct­ing research for a forth­com­ing book, Dan­nen uncov­ered lost evi­dence in the case of Calv­in Wash­ing­ton, a Tex­an wrong­ly con­vict­ed of homi­cide. As the direct result of Dannen’s efforts, Calv­in Wash­ing­ton won a full par­don for inno­cence, the first ever grant­ed by Tex­as gov­er­nor Rick Per­ry under the state’s DNA statute.

To contact call   Fredric Dannen   212  380-1196     dannen@earthlink.net




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