Document from May 2, 2011 that links Sherre Johnston right square in the middle of this and it was all okay with her too.

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David Chapman –  “Special Prosecutor” hired by McLennan County to try Muneer Deeb in Ft. Worth.  He lost to Dick DeGuerin.  Chapman was big friends with Truman Simons.  Simons and Ned Butler tried to get Chapman to sue author of CARELESS WHISPERS for them BEFORE they got together and sued Brian Pardo a local businessman for printing a story in a trade magazine that said “Spence didn’t do it”.  Basically.

Patricia Eddings –  She received the “bloody evidence” from the Lake Murder that was in David Chapman’s HOT storage unit all these years because no one had sense enough to take it back to McLennan County.

Fredric Dannen – Award Winning New York Times Journalist.  Came to Texas kicked ass on Calvin Washington along with Walter Reaves then turned their attentions toward the Lake Murder.  Took evidence and info from everyone,  then decided he was “scared of Truman Simons”,  ran off to Mexico where he lived as the lap cat for a wealthy family,  and has had no job in over twenty years.  His currently starring in some Chamber Music group of Senior Citizens in San Miguel De Allende.  He has no balls at all and “scared of Truman” just doesn’t ring true to ole Harry or anyone else.  He could have also sent the evidence he HAS to law enforcement.  God knows he’s been asked by many people to do just that.

Fred has the tapes by the way.

How on earth?

Vic Feazell gave Fredric Dannen all his files and tapes around 1997,  Feazell was high on GHB most of the time and did this without his ex wife’s knowledge at all.  In return for letting Dannen have and copy his Lake Murder boxes,  Dannen agreed to make a chronology and organize all the files so that Feazell could put them online which he did.

Bernadette Feazell,  is called “an acquaintance” in this letter by Dannen.  Tomorrow we’re going to show you how when Bernadette Feazell told Dannen that he’d better give up the tapes to Senator Ellis for his “false confession” committe she was going to not keep their secrets anymore.  Dannen refused and kept FIVE tapes of Tony Melendez being coached on how to confess and what to say by Feazell and others.  He let Anthony Melendez DIE waiting for him to turn those over.  No excuses for Dannen.  None.

Here is the story of those few days along with Dannen fighting the First Amendment,  which is another angry Harry Rant we’ll save.

See,  Bernadette Feazell just could not figure out who was the “alpha” in the buddy group.  Everyone said,  “Truman and Vic”,  “Truman and Vic”,  she wanted to see just how much “Vic” there really         was          in “Truman and “Vic”.

As usual,  they thought she was stupid but she got one very smitten Sherre Johnston to write an email telling her..

IN effect:    “I was there when Vic told Truman to get the evidence back”.

Guess the “Crazy Ex Wife” knew who ran the show right then?

You betcha.

I personally am offended by the number of times Dannen uses the word,  “I”,  but this story is full of Narcissists in disguise as Saints of one kind or another.

Read for yourself and decide.

This is a photo of Fredric Dannen.  The letter site is in baby blue below.

Read and decide.Image result for Fredric Dannen

Dannen Fights Public Information May 2, 2011



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