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Vic?  Brian?  Vic?  Brian?  Jan Thompsons going to be really mad at you someday soon.
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Perhaps Brian Lewis isn’t Vic Feazell,  the Vic Feazell I thought I knew was smarter than this guy Brian.  Vic believed in science,  and evidence.  He used to say that eye witness testimony was the worst in the world.  Brian Lewis just rambles and insults women by asking them if they have forgotten their meds when they disagree with him.
The last time I saw Vic Feazell in a meeting about the Lake Murder was in 2002.  THAT Vic Feazell, when told that there was DNA to be run in the Lake Case and that the four convicted might be innocent,  was horrified to hear that he could have been wrong and wanted to help free Tony Melendez if he was wrong and could.
Now,  that was MY VIC FEAZELL.
We weren’t married and hadn’t been for six years already by then but I knew that my Vic wouldn’t put up with this.  No.
The very next day MY VIC FEAZELL gave Truman Simons orders to get the bloody evidence left from the Lake Murders BACK from the Ft. Worth lab.  See Court Document below in PDF.  I called him THREE TIMES to make them/him stop and they wouldn’t.
Then, Sherre Johnston, yes,   that Sherre Johnston,  wrote and told me that Vic Feazell told Truman Simons to get the bloody evidence BACK FROM THE LAB.  Even though Truman was not a law enforcement official and Vic was just a lawyer.
Here is that email from Sherre Johnston

Sent: Thursday, June 27, 2002 8:37 AM
Subject: Re: PS

The only thing that Tru and Vic see as betrayal is your loyalty and
friendship to Fred Dannen.  They don’t fault you for telling them about the
feds.  I certainly appreciate it!  They know that what you have said could
very well be true.  They have known all along that feds want to get them.
They also KNOW that Dannen is in with the feds to some extent.  For some
reason, Dannen is on a MISSION to get Tru thrown in  jail.  But what do you
want Tru and Vic to do about it?  They aren’t doing anything wrong.  The
Chapman thing wasn’t a big deal like it is being made into.  I am telling
you, I WAS THERE!  ( by the way, I never received that transcription of
Chapman) Vic and Tru can’t do a thing about the Fed situation except go on
with their lives and business.  We realize that we could all be bugged.  But
we aren’t doing anything wrong! I feel like I am in some science fiction
movie!!!  Your friend Dannen is saying shit to try to get people turned
against Tru.  Dannen is telling people that Judy is helping him get Truman
and that Tru left her to “RUN OFF WITH” a blonde with 3 kids.  That is a lie
and you know it!  Tru and I aren’t running off anywhere, It doesn’t matter
WHAT HAPPENS!  He and I are JUST FRIENDS!  Dannen had better watch his mouth
or I’ll sue his ass!  If him and Pardo (and I know they are connected) try to
humiliate my husband as you have implied………I can sue them for that shit
too.  And Dannen telling people that he can’t come to Waco because Tru is
going to kill him, is bullshit and he knows it!  He was just in Waco visiting
Judy!  Dannen is making himself look bad.
Harper, Bubba, and Larry Kinder all hung out at the lake with all the other
thugs back then.  I have talked to my husband about all this.  He knows the
Kinders.  Him and his brother used to get in fights with them.  Larry Kinder
is an overgrown punk.  It is very possible their DNA could be on towels
because they all used each others towels, cars, women and pot.
I can’t imagine what intelligent question Pardo and Dannen could possibly ask
me on the witness stand.  My relationship with Tru is totally irrelevant to
the Lake murders, but I will be there anyway.
I have tried to get away from all of this.  I am at home busy with my kids
this summer.  However, Dannen, Judy, and whoever alse is trying to keep me in
the loop as the “other woman” Tru “RAN OFF WITH”  This is so ridiculous it is
almost funny!
By the way, I didn’t see any e-mail that Vic sent you.
Hang in there!


Vic Feazell gave Fredric Dannen all his files and tapes around 1997,  Feazell was high on GHB most of the time and did this without anyone’s knowledge at all.  In return for letting Dannen have and copy his Lake Murder boxes,  Dannen agreed to make a chronology and organize all the files so that Feazell could put them online which he did.

.Image result for Fredric Dannen

Dannen Fights Public Information May 2, 2011

So Vic/Brian has a blog and talks to Jan Thompson because no one will talk to her anymore since she can’t figure out Vic is Brian and pumping her for info she no longer gets.  
Brian/Vic’s  pissed,  his blog doesn’t contain the Third Court of Appeals Opinion on Chaney, or mention of the Forensics Commission.
Bite marks are gone.  Third Court ruled on Chaney,  Texas Forensics Commission Reports on David Spence and Juanita White come soon.
Being labelled,  “crazy”,  or “hell”,  is better than dishonest and sneaky any day.
The Vic Feazell I knew would have told Truman Simons NOT TO LIE in a deposition.  Hmmm.  
Bite me.


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  2. He knows the
    Kinders. Him and his brother used to get in fights with them. Larry Kinder
    is an overgrown punk. It is very possible their DNA could be on towels
    because they all used each others towels, cars, women and pot.

    Im telling you girl you better shut the hell up! at least they didn’t stick that pot up their coochy when they went to jail!!!!!! WE KNOW and love LARRY KINDer at least he was man enough to do his time. oh oh oh Id like to see you in one of your dark hotel rooms where men have heart attacks and bodies are moved.

    • Kinder I respect. Vic just doesn’t want it to be Tab Harper or the Wilkins cousins or brothers. Vic doesn’t want DNA run or for bite marks to be gone. He knows what he did, so does Truman, they had “expendable Mexicans”, and Spence messed up big time with that unpopular cutting of Darvin Pack and the subsequent Gilbert b.j. Little Miss pills up the cooch never got charged for that either, and not for the burglary of the Sheriff’s shed, and not for the going to jail drunk. The life span of a blow job is pretty long I guess.

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