Somewhere before 2002,  Bernadette Feazell was still friends with her ex husband,  Vic,  and Truman Simons.  Simons is a well known friend of one Tommy Witherspoon,  reporter from the WACO TRIBUNE HERALD.

Feazell asked his ex,  Bernadette,  if she thought hiring Tommy Witherspoon to work in his private law office was a good idea or not.  Truman had asked Feazell on behalf of his good buddy,  Tommy.

Bernadette told Vic that she thought it was a terrible idea and that it had been Tommy Witherspoon who had “tipped off the media”  and was currently costing the Waco Tribune Herald several million dollars.

Of course,  none of this was reported in the WACO TRIBUNE HERALD,  a bastion of Truth and Justice here in “Bethlehem on the Brazos”  where college football is more important and lucrative than just about anything.  Especially,  if it’s the rape of a small woman by a six foot nine football player.

Tommy,  who is now overweight and has three EX WIVES,  has made no secret of his deep hatred of Bernadette Feazell,  printing in the paper  just October of 2014,  that “Courtroom observers thought Mrs. Feazell was lying ”     (paraphrasing in anger no time to look up exact quote).

Now Tommy is waiting for his retirement and holding many truths hostage until he receives his gold watch from the loving Trib that has HAD to keep him as a permanent employee because he cost them the $$ from the lawsuit.

We can’t explain Tommy’s role as well as the folks at Salon.com.  Most people in Waco don’t know about Salon.com,     it’s not on the “Bubba gram” list.

Enjoy an explanation of why no truth ever comes out here. C lick on link Salon.com below.



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