The family of Lake Murder victim,  Jill Montgomery,  the brave girl who fought with her hands and struggled so much she had “defensive wounds” deep in her palms.  One finger had a nail so mangled and broken it was heartbreaking to look at.

Jan Thompson and her two daughters,  brought the cassette tape of the “Family Meeting” to Waco where they met with Leon Cheney,  Russ Hunt, Bernadette Feazell and others at Cheney’s office off Hwy. 6 in 2014.

Cheney had his staff take the small mini cassette from 1999 at the Waxahachie meeting with famous writer,  Fredric Dannen,  and returned the mini cassette and a cd to Jan Thompson who was very concerned about WHO did and did not get a copy.

No copy went to Bernadette Feazell.   Keep in mind there is some bad stuff on there about her also but she didn’t even hear that tape,  even though there’s a story,  in her voice about something that happened to her in Mexico in 1999.

Dannen later threatened Bernadette Feazell with that tape recording also.  She told him to do what he had to but he backed off.

“Bring the tape out there,  anything I have done I will be happy to talk about”,  she said,  “this is not about me but if you want to hurt me go ahead,  just bring this tape to law enforcement”.

Now,   we will not be silent anymore about who possesses the tape recording and who does not.

Bernadette Feazell does not have a copy and never did,  although she’s heard parts of it from Fredric Dannen at different times.

Jan Thompson and her family has had this tape since 2014.

Russ Hunt got mad and took his to Reyna before he calmed down enough to copy it.

Leon Cheney died and the tapes he had are totally lost,  we got his papers but no tapes.

The family of Jill Montgomery has tapes and those tapes have not been made public.

The tapes have not been given to the attorney for Jason Spence either.

They have copies.

They have had copies since 2014.

Why haven’t they brought them public?  You tell me.





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