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Careless Whispers or Contrived Convictions



Here are some excerpts between “Brian Lewis” and Christine (Juhl) Sterling.  Seems Brian FACEBOOK friended her a while back but she keeps thinking he sounds familiar.  When she asks him if he’s “Vic” or “Truman”,  he denies it but she’s no dummy,  little girls grow up and get angry.  Take a look.


  1. Here’s another I know you can answer Truman, Vic or Lane giving the evidence away that was later found to be degraded and giving in the tapes to Dannon.  If a trial was needed for Raylene’s murder in the future all the evidence in this case is useless. It was my understanding that unless they dropped the charges of murder then all evidence must be preserved.  There is no time limit its murder and it does not matter if the person was convicted of another murder.  Is there a court order that dismisses the murder charges for Raylene?


    • No the charges still remain on the Raylene homicide. And do you understand why the D.A. did this? In case the brothers decided to recant their testimony, which is common for criminals to do. Some of the stuff you need to read is the Appeals courts’ decisions on David’s appeals, you will see what the courts think about recanted testimony. Christine there really wasn’t any physical evidence used in the first trials, it would be the same thing with Raylene’s case, it would be circumstantial using the same testimony. There would be some differences because some things have changed in Texas since then, the big one I see is now witnesses that were hypnotized can testify, so that means Josie could tell her story to a jury now. I would put you on the stand and throw the book at you because you’re a little shady. No being nice this time, Vic tried to be nice with the brothers the first time around and see what that has gotten him!


  2. Regarding :Some people that might have sen David in the park cannot give me anywhere as much information that you should be able to supply but for some reason you want to be difficult
    again you are defecting.


    • I’m deflecting? Do I need to repeat all the questions you have failed to answer. Or do you just want to go on some rant about full moons, what some people might or might not have seen weeks before the murders. And really whom tried to plant stories in the teen’s heads? Are you trying to say Vic and Simons tried to plant some story in Gayle’s head so she could say the opposite on the stand? Really that makes sense to you? It looks like you keep bringing up these irrelevant nonsensical things so we don’t get back to more pertinent issues. Can we get back to the last week you lived with David, like the fight which caused you to leave, your suicide attempt, whom and when did you see the night of the murders?


  3. RE:The Jury wants the details in a compact narrative that makes sense.
    Bullshit… the jury wants the most detailed factual account. Someone’s life is in their hands. I would hope they took it seriously. Just because it makes sense based on a compact narrative does not make it truth. That’s like playing name that tune… or reading a review of a book and saying you read the whole thing.


    • Sister ask any attorney that deals with capital cases, they want their case to move as fast as possible, use the fewest number of witnesses as you possibly can. don’t let the jury start to think you are the reason they are stuck in that court room away from their own lives, families or whatever. During an over extended explanation jurors will lose focus and forget details. Avoid this with a quick comprehensive presentation.


  4. So Christine I would like to stick to what was going on in your life and around you which you would be privy to.I know there are things you don’t remember and don’t want to remember but you are not the only one, Gayle has told me she doesn’t remember some things and apparently she doesn’t want to remember because she told me to stop asking her about stuff she couldn’t remember because she wasn’t going to and apparently Lisa Kader doesn’t want to remember what happened back then. It’s seems David had that effect on a lot of people back then, I find that very telling, I just don’t know what. It’s in these repressed memories where I believe we will find the truth. But as it is now the accounts are very different. Look at the different version you and Gayle have about her dealings with Deeb. Christine you make it sound like Gayle arranged and planned with Deeb about getting the apartment. Here is what Gayle said when I asked her about this,”,I promised nothing to Deeb in exchange for that apt”.Her account is Deeb just offered her the apartment and she took it. Now whom am suppose to believe? Clearly some one’s account is not accurate. And I’m not leaning one way or the other, I just wondering if you knew about whatever arrangement was made maybe there is some one else that would have similar information and then that person might have other information about what was going on that would be useful. Christine would you know of another person that would have this information? I would guess Gayle’s friends would stick with her account.

    It’s the same thing with Clifford, Christine your account of David’s and Clifford’s friendship conflicts with what Clifford has stated, I believe Clifford is hiding something, I’m just not sure what. You’ve haven’t been totally clear on this either. Is there some one out there that could support your account?


  5. Christine do you seriously believe I’m insulting you? Here is my problem with some of your accounts they conflict with what other people have said and from personally dealing with you I have seen you go back and forth on things, so your not too sure, I feel that’s a fair assessment. Christine you s keep saying you might have two nights mixed up or muddled together, all I’m saying is if you have two nights muddled up you could have any number of nights during that period all mixed up together. For some reason you have a hard time with that. And Christine you do bend things I say, I have never said Deeb was a drug dealer, he gave drugs to a limited number of people. What I’m trying to say, again which you are having a hard time understanding is he would almost do anything for Gayle, so it’s possible and I would say it looks like she took advantage of that. How far would she go? Would she have done something that benefited one of her friends like Kenneth at the cost of Deeb? I say yes. Deeb was gullible he liked spending his money to show off, maybe you can’t see it but he was the perfect target for such a scam. You point out his visits to Fort Fisher, the visits in themselves don’t tell us much, the telling fact about the visits is the argument that happened between Gayle, Jill and Deeb about Kenneth Franks and this was well before whatever happened at the apartment. You don’t see the significance in this? An incident that the supervisor remembered months later and brought it up without being asked. Remind you it doesn’t look like Baier was even aware Gayle worked at Fort Fisher until this conversation. He went there to get information on Jill and in inquiring about Jill the supervisor brought up the fact that Gayle worked there also and during both girl’s time there this incident occurred. My question to you was before the apartment problem were you aware of a problem that Deeb had with Kenneth, a problem big enough that we Deeb would show up to Gayle’s job and cause a scene. Honestly I can’t see it being because Kenneth called him a name or something along those lines.


  6. Getting into the Melendez brother confessions and testimony and what information Truman Simons might or might not have fed them or wanted them to say, I’ve been addressing all my messages to Christine lately and this is for her as well but also for everyone that continues to wonder and question this. We have to remember the original officers that worked the case believe it was drug related that’s the angle they were trying to work. If you talked to Salinas, Nicoletti, Fortune or Horton today they will tell you this. They just had received so much information regarding Kenneth’s activity with drugs it couldn’t be ignored. I believe they were right, what mistake I feel they made was they went after the wrong person, Tab Harper, which they finally realized then gave up. If these stories about Kenneth were true and they had something to do with his murder, I would point to one interview that should have told them if it was drug related it wasn’t Tab Harper. That interview would be the first interview with Gayle Kelly. She reported Kenneth was planning to come into some money on a deal, Kenneth didn’t give her the name of the person Kenneth was going to make the deal with but he told Gayle she knew whom this person was. So Gayle knew the person but didn’t know Kenneth was dealing with him, that would discount Tab Harper, Gayle was aware of Kenneth dealing with Tab, she stated Kenneth said Tab always had the good stuff, so he couldn’t have been the new dealer she wasn’t aware of. But Salinas and Nicoletti to a lesser degree kept on Tab Harper that ended up going nowhere. I feel they were on the right path but looking in the wrong direction.

    Then Simons and Baier take over the case, Simons doesn’t believe in the drug connection so all that information just fades from the investigation. Now I believe Simons had the right people but by dismissing the drug angle never found the true story. Then the Melendez brothers come along with their stories, multiple stories and lies. Ok I can see Simons and Vic bending some details. But would Simons get the Melendez brothers to concoct a story where they say it was drug related? The officer that has been trying to prove it wasn’t drug related is now going to get his witnesses to say it was drug related. What are people smoking? I must be smoking the wrong thing because that definitely doesn’t make any sense to me. So if the Melendez brothers came up with this on their own could it be true and if it was true why would they give this detail when they were lying about so many other things?

    The Melendez brothers lied in both their confessions and testimony, that can’t be debated. We shouldn’t forget Gilbert was first offered immunity to testify, when the D.A. realized he was lying he removed that offer. But Gilbert was given another chance, which the D.A. didn’t have to do and people want to say Gilbert was railroaded, Vic Feazell did all he could to save Gilbert’s life but Gilbert wanted to play hard head con games. So everyone knew the brothers were lying. The problem becomes trying to cull the truth from the lies but there is probably some truth mixed up with all the lies. One thing I think could be true and it’s not so much because I believe anything Anthony says but because if you look at a map of the area and you were in Speegleville Park there is a pretty good chance that you had to cross a bridge to get back into Waco, so his statement that he threw stuff out of the truck while they were crossing a bridge could be true. But in typical con fashion he doesn’t say what bridge, see that’s how one acts like they are cooperating but in reality are giving away very little.

    So what about Gilbert’s confession and/or testimony that David told him they were going to kill the kids because they burned Deeb over a drug deal. Could this be true? I know most of us has probably heard of one rape case or another where the rapist makes remarks about how the victim was dressed or how she acted. O.J., just was granted parole last week, but his reasoning for that crime that guy stole my stuff I was just getting it back. This is called justification, criminals do this to try to minimize or explain their actions. To be criminally responsible for your action you have to understand that your actions are outside the norms of society an criminally insane person would not understand this. So a criminal knows his actions aren’t accepted but even realizes some of his actions can been worse than others/ For instance in this case if David and the Melendez brother just got up with the kids and started partying with them and then the guys couldn’t control their violent urges and just started rapping and stabbing the kids, anyone including the killers would realize they would never see the light of day again, and rightfully so, no matter your stance on the death penalty there’s no way anybody would want these monsters back on the street The criminals answer to this justification. Hey I did this because the victims did that. We see this in Gilbert’s story he believe’s David is planning to kill these kids because they ripped off Deeb. Now I can’t say this is true but I can see it as possible, I would say this was more likely than Simons feeding him this story, again Simons was trying to prove the drug angle and the officers pushing that were wrong, he wouldn’t have added fuel to that fire to support his enemies claims.

    Back when Gayle Kelly was still talking to me and she had brought up that she knew David much more than she testified to and Vic Feazell knew this I asked her how could this be possible. It just didn’t add up to me, why not just tell the truth why create this false narrative. She replied,” .Vic frizzell was never in it for the truth, but for the headlines,telling me we could use the truth if it hurt his case”, Interesting to say the least but what can we make of that statement? Truman Simons was the one that started the whole mistaken identity thing and according to Vic’s own tapes he wasn’t sold on Truman’s investigation, his questionable methods or his theory. When did and why did Vic change his mind. As late as September 1983, when Vic is having the jailbirds write their new statements, the focus still looks to be on Kenneth being the target, you do start to see mention that Jill looked like Gayle but you can see this is just being added on like an after thought, yes that is something Simons fed or told the jailbirds to say. So when did Vic decide to go with this argument? I think it could have been when he saw the Melendez brothers’ first confessions. If the brothers believed they were killing the kids that ripped off Deeb, that would have been Kenneth and Gayle not Jill. The brothers’ belief they were killing the girl that ripped off Deeb would have been mistake, they had the wrong girl that is a case of mistaken identity. Fezell’s comment to me is saying we have a back up plan if we get caught on your lies, we can still prove mistaken identity, the Melendez brothers’ story.

    Again I don’t know if this is true but it has crossed my mind obviously. Bring on the criticism, I know I plan to hear some craziness from Christine..


  7. Christine was it past your bedtime or did your meds kick in you just disappeared. Anyway Christine, so I think it’s safe to say you are not too sure what went on at the store, I can buy that, especially when it looks like you couldn’t keep track of what was going on in your own place. Earlier I mentioned your trip to the park with David and the Melendez brothers and if you could recall if it was before or after the murders. I will tell you my thinking, I know you are just going to disagree even though you can’t remember. First I look at the time span, you would have had more chances to go to the park before the murders July 3rd until the 12th compared to July 14th until the 20, or 21st, I think you might want to add that extra day when you try to correct your story. Christine you have said many times David didn’t come home many nights during that time, I would say that probably means you don’t know what he was doing those nights. So after the murders we only have a week or eight days, we know where he was a number of those nights. Friday the 16th and Saturday the 17th he stayed at Mrs. Miles, so you couldn’t have gone to the park with David those days. Sunday July 18th was his birthday I know he was still at Mrs. Miles in the morning she fixed David a birthday breakfast. I can’t remember if he stayed that night I will have to look back at the testimony. Monday was the 19th the day you say you and David got into a fight and you left, so you didn’t go to the park with him then. That doesn’t leave to many nights and we still have to fit in your suicide attempt and the parole officer’s visit. Christine is it possible that David spending that weekend and his birthday with Mrs. Miles and her daughters was the reason you attempted suicide? We know you didn’t care for Mrs. Miles and her daughters, Linda and Weida because you believe David was having an affair with one of the daughters. Mrs. Miles had a third daughter but she didn’t live at the house at that time. Maybe that was your breaking point when you felt at that time he would rather spend his time with them rather than you Either way none of those days look possible as the day you went to the park, That leaves two days Wednesday July 14th and Thursday July 15th. Can you add any significance to either of these days. We know you opened the store at 7:00 a.m. on the 14th and I know there was some question about when you worked later that day but it does seem you also worked that evening. That would probably remove that day as a possibility. That leaves us one day Thursday July 15, Christine is there anyway you can recall this day one way or the other. See Christine how that works, you take the information you have then you put it together then you try to get new information that fills in the holes and in doing so you need to ask questions. Elementary Watson. Please try to focus and stay on subject.


  8. re Doris Tucker incident>>>> you say ‘I state one thing but she testified to something different.’ I never denied that the argument happened. Just not in the context she is stating or in month she stated it happened. I give you the context of the argument. And you choose to make statements that “I state everyone else is wrong”? Because I dare to bring incite as to “SIMONS SAYS” stories?
    I recall asking deeb for 10 dollars to help buy a headlight for a car to pass inspection. An advance on my paycheck. Again that would have been in July I was only in Waco for a few days in August. I again reiterate two glaring things: ONE) I was his employee not a customer. her statement that Deeb said “I don’t want your business anymore” does not ring true and names like Fucking bitch are not statements that Deeb said. He did not cuss. From August on I had no contact with Deeb. I did not go into rainbow or talk to anyone of them after I returned in September. The DA admitted that there was no written statement and they could not even pull a report from the crimestoppers? With the date? give me a break!

    I think this happened in July or at the least before August 18th not September. I was in Ft. Worth from late August until the day Simons summoned me. So again tell me how I could have talking about Bailing david out or money he owed David when I had no knowledge of what happened at that time and David was not


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