Waco Tribune Herald June 17, 1987:    Excerpt from story below (Don) Hall said that he,  Feazell, (Richard)  Bowers, and Waco Bail Bondsman, Dell Butler met in Feazell’s office on August 2,  1984 to “pay the balance” of Butler’s and Hall’s fee.  They used the confiscated funds, he said.   Dick Kettler,  Vic Feazell, … Continue reading

Lake Waco Murders/Juanita White Texas Forensics Commission Update

The TEXAS FORENSICS COMMISSION’S Quarterly Meeting is November 3, 2017, in Austin, at the OMNI Hotel. The “bite mark panel” has been investigating David Wayne Spence’s case and the bite mark evidence given by discredited Odontologist,  Homer Campbell. We are reprinting the best and shortest article,  it happens to be from the BBC. reading