The Sad Case of “Mistaken Identity”

“Murder for hire”,  “Case of Mistaken Identity”,  that was what was called “Spence 1”.

David Wayne Spence’s first trial in Waco, Texas 1984.  was based on these facts along with one offering of evidence,  real evidence,  bite marks.

In a 2003 interview with Gayle Kelley, we learn that after her starring role in the trial,  Gayle was then discarded by Truman until the execution of David Spence in April of 1997 when Truman got Gayle to go to the execution and watch.

Gayle Kelley watched David Wayne Spence die.

Truman told her she was too “stupid” to realize that Deeb was trying to kill her.  This,  of course,  made her doubt herself before the age of 20 AND she had quite a case of hero worship for Simons who had saved her from herself.

Problem was by the time Spence was executed,  Deeb had been found innocent in Ft. Worth.

Yet,  Simons “made” Gayle Kelley watch Spence die.  “Made” is her word by the way.

She said she has never been the same and now that she has REAL doubts,  including the strange behavior of Simons,  she fears every decision she makes,  cannot be in a close relationship because of “trust” issues.

Muneer Deeb was HER friend.  Until Truman told her he was trying to kill her, she had no idea.  Can you imagine?

She said that they “didn’t need her” in Bryan,  that was the story.

In fact,  the entire Mistaken Identity/Murder for Hire theory was gone,  totally.  Never to return.

Gayle Kelley thought she was too stupid to know her best friend wanted her dead.

Truman Simons made her realize this and she has been frightened ever since she was a teenager because of what he made her realize.

Her main complaint was that he got her to watch,  while he sat it out.

People were hurt.  People were used.

Some people went on to make money from it and glorious reputations,  along with respect.  Others retreated to a world of self doubt and recrimination wanting the truth but unable to get it.  Gayle Kelley had been told untruth by Simons and years later,  Fredric Dannen told her the truth from his standpoint and promised her he’d bring out what really happened.  She trusted him to do just that,  as did others.

This isn’t just a story,  real people were involved never to be the same again.

“Gayle and Jill looked enough alike to be sisters”,  Truman Simons.






11 thoughts on “The Sad Case of “Mistaken Identity”

  1. Gayle Kelly definitely doesn’t have any doubts about their guilt now!!! Here is what she told me during many conversations over the past year.

    “They are guilty Mr.Lewis, now Anthony got caught up with his brother, and David Spence. He made a deal so he wouldn’t have to die for this, this still has the ability to make me angry.
    I wonder do they ever feel bad about snuffing out not one but three lives.”

    ” I’m sorry that the conspiracy theorists have nothing better to do. The right people were caught and tried. Justice was served”.

    “No one railroaded those men. David was not a model citizen that we decided to pin this shit on. And David told Lisa Kader, that she could be next.This is the last thing I will say, I can die knowing I did nothing wrong and 12 of their peers convicted them. Deeb was let go on a technicality”.

    ” What David did to our friend bobby Brem, is horrible, or Lisa Kader who he also raped. The man was guilty, I was there to watch him die”

    ” I do believe they done it but the way it was done was not correct”.

    And what Gayle thought of Fred Dannen; “As far as this writer. His book will be nothing more than fiction”.

    Now I can’t say how Gayle thought 15 years ago but it is crystal clear how she feels now from talking to her and another friend over the past year . And as you can see, as a lot of people don’t when dealing with him, she didn’t and still doesn’t believe Dannen.

    So yes people were hurt and are still hurt, don’t misrepresent that pain and sorrow with dishonesty and untruths. I will share what Gayle had to say when she heard Anthony passed away, it stands out for me because it was one of only two times Gayle reached out to talk to me rather than me contacting her to ask questions

    “Did you see that the last defendant Anthony Melendez died Friday, final chapter in this long saga I can finally close this crap in my life. I see no reason to prolong the agony this would bring to so many people”.

    • Dear Vic,
      Funny how you have talked with poor Gayle Kelley but you haven’t talked to your own son in over two years. You have to be LOVED and admired by young girls but have TWO ex wives who hate you. You talk about God when you aren’t even man enough to be curious about the DNA from Jill Montgomery’s fingernails where she fought her attacker.
      GHB which you brought home to your own son has obviously done a number on your brain. It also leads to heart problems, instead of blaming your son, perhaps you should read about long term GHB effects on the body.
      You act like “Tinker Bell” in “Peter Pan”, wanting us all to “Believe, believe”, well, that’s your Narcissism, needing the LOVE of many.
      You put your own son in jail. You wrote Abel Reyna and tried to get your only son put in prison for “5 years”. You don’t visit your son in jail but you send “mini me”, Truman Simons.
      Your morals are so low you hired Sherre Johnston to work for YOU while being Truman’s shack job. Right there at your office, humiliating one fine woman, Judy Simons and yourself.
      Abel Reyna, who you have given lots of money to, drops the case against your son. Drops it.
      Then, your only son can’t get a job and lives with your ex wife until he is so frustrated and humiliated he moves to Mexico to get away from what you did and get a job. You say you had him working for you because it was a good thing? It was to control your ex wife by your cruelty to him at work and the cruelty of Truman and his girlfriend, Sherre every day.
      YOU took your whole fee from your son’s case then turned him “in” to the cops and put him in jail knowing he was on HEROIN. You knew it. You were the lawyer, you go the hospital records.
      Your ego took over and you taped yourself years ago, then you got on GHB and GAVE THE TAPES TO A REPORTER. How stupid can you be.
      You have no loyalty.
      You have no godliness if you and Truman and Sherre can continue to harm a good man and a good father, John Johnston.
      Go self publish another stupid “recapture your youth” book about unicorns while the past, and Richard Bowers, come for you.

      The people around you just kiss your ass for money.
      You are such a fool, the people who told you the truth,
      you brutally destroyed.

    • lakewacotriplemurder.wordpress.com/2017/08/22/sherre-johnston-email-admitting-she-did-not-call-911-right-away/

      Before you call people and tell them how terrible I am and how much trouble I am going to be in and get sued etc. you’d better remember that your little friends are not telling you everything. Libel and Slander? Nothing to back up my stuff. You taught me better than that.
      You’d best be advising Sherre that the Mc’s may start thinking he could have been saved.

  2. Gayle thinks they were guilty, wow, that must make it so. What people think and say is not evidence of guilt or innocence. Evidence is. It is amazing that Gayle and you don’t join in he demanding of the running of the DNA.

    I have my notes and recordings from Gayle Kelley by the way.

  3. Doesn’t change that they did not look alike. Doesn’t change that they dropped the “mistaken identity” one year later. What Gayle Kelley says does not negate the truck shredding. It is not going away, Truman, get over it.

  4. Vic or Truman: It’s funny you care what the opinion of a then, 18 year old girl is/was. You missed the point, they didn’t look alike but you knew that. YOU two dropped mistaken identity right after Spence’s first conviction. Truman didn’t watch the execution but he made poor Gayle watch. So you call her and she’s half scared of you and you get her to say she thinks they did it. You talk about Fred Dannen’s book which we all know doesn’t exist. Funny you don’t care one bit about John Johnston or any of the other people you have plowed under and betrayed hoping to keep money and power because of a Historical Lie of monumental proportion. The mind of Truman Simons came up with the “love stick”, which didn’t have a shred of evidence on it, merely found. You care more what Gayle says NOW about the murders than you do the fact TRUMAN SHREDDED THE TRUCK. Explain that one. Unicorns won’t help you, you are trapped by your lies and tapes.

  5. Hurts when old heroes get old and can’t get that young stuff to believe in them anymore, easy to impress the “girls” that are young and impressionable. When you were faced with the fact that they DID NOT LOOK ALIKE from grown women you chewed them up and called THEM crazy. Sneaky, cheating, missing the “glory days”. How do you two talk to God and your own conscience after humiliating a man, John Johnston, who was and is a much better father and husband than the two of you were or will ever be. Shame on you immoral to the core and in total Denial. Stop surrounding yourselves with ass kissers or people who want you for your money. It’s not 1983, a grand bullshit story with no evidence doesn’t work anymore.

  6. Hey, Brian/Vic, You are a drowning man and your lifeguards, well, you betrayed them all and you have none. They know it’s you and they are turning on you, dumbass. Time to get the red tie and apologize. Be a dad to your son while you have time. Chatting up women while your son needs you. Asshole.

  7. Better check how many incriminating emails your girlfriend Sherre has out there before you tell friends I’m going to get sued. She likes to get drunk and write people around four in the morning, rather like Brian Lewis. Threats just make it worse. You’re throwing that dumb broad out there and hiding behind her with Truman. Hope she finds a better lawyer than you for advice on this.

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