SELECTIVE PROSECUTION?: Russ Hunt, Waco Attorney takes evidence to Reyna in Lake Case on tape

In about August of 2014,  after almost ten years of looking,  Jan Thompson’s relative finally located a small cassette tape from 1999.  Jan was given the precious tape and had no idea what to do with it.  After very little discussion,  it was decided to take this tape to Russ Hunt Sr.   Russ Hunt Sr. was David Wayne Spence’s first attorney and staunchest supporter.  Russ Hunt Sr. and Leon Cheney, who had been Tony Melendez’s very first investigator while he was being represented by Chuck Youts and Jim Barlow.


Back then,  the New York Times Best Selling author,  Fredric Dannen,  was not the “I’m scared of Truman Simons”,  Chamber Music performer in San Miguel De Allende.  No,  he was cocky and sure of himself.  This was the guy that changed everything for us,  caused great rifts between all of us,  promised us justice,  then sold us out for a spot in the Episcopal Church of San Miguel’s production in “Hamlet” or some such.


This Fred Dannen had been so sure of himself that he had called together the Montgomery family, and the Thompson and any other of Jill’s relatives for what he termed a “Family Meeting”, in Waxahachie,  Texas.


At this meeting,  Fred explained to them how Vic,  probably high on a drug called GHB,  actually GAVE him (Fredric Dannen),  all his files and trial boxes and audio tapes for him (Fred Dannen) to “catalog” for him (Vic Feazell) and give back.   This took Dannen about  a year,  maybe more.  Vic,  of course,  says these were his “personal trial boxes”,  but,  like the Graf trial boxes,  they wound up going with Vic along with Lucas when he left the DA’s office.

Dannen told the families his version of the crimes and played for them excerpts and tapes from the collection he had been given.

Three quarters of the way through,  Dannen notices a little cassette recorder and asks if he is being taped.  He doesn’t like it but what can he do?  He gets them to “agree” not to use anything of the tapes or show them until his “book was out”, which was soon.

That was 1999.  He met Jan Thompson in 1997.  This is 2017.  He got the Soros money for the book in 2005.

Russ takes the cassette,  gives it to Leon Cheney, he copies it onto disk.  Gives one to Russ,  gives one to Jan,  keeps one and gives Jan back the precious cassette.

Hunt’s his own man.  He believed Spence almost twenty years longer than the family seated at the table from Waxahachie with him and Leon that day.

Hunt’s calm about it all now,  or perhaps it still simmers just below the surface,  whatever his feelings,  about two hours into the six hour disk,  he goes wild, hears thing he’s never heard before in his life.

Russ Hunt takes the cassette,  goes down the elevator from his office in the ALICO to the Courthouse nearby,  finds an Assistant DA,  Michael Jarrett I believe, and shoves the tape in Jarrett’s hand.

Seems Russ Hunt now believes the theory that “any Officer of the Court,  upon hearing of the commission of a crime must turn it over to authorities”,  that’s not exact but it’s close enough,  and it’s just what Russ Hunt Sr.  did that day.

Worrying that the tape had something on it about the Ed Graf case,  and, after getting information that the trial boxes had been given to a local author,  now deceased, by then DA Vic Feazell, they decided to use the opportunity to get a “Postponement” in an upcoming Hearing.

Truman Simons,  with a toothpick hanging out of his lips,  and Vic Feazell, sat near the front of a pretty packed Courtroom in the Graf Hearing.  Tommy Witherspoon and a very good looking anchor from KWTX sat together across the room.  Vic noticed them and walked over with a sheepish grin.

Seems Bernadette Feazell is actually going to testify that Vic Feazell took those boxes from the Graf case home.

Vic mouthed to Tommy Witherspoon,  “She’s a liar”,  he looked sad, “I cheated on her and she just can’t get over it.”

The anchor shot a look of surprise over toward Bernadette Feazell who was sitting behind Simons and Feazell on the other side.

Feazell clanked his boots back over next to Simons as the Judge,  Michael Jarret, and the rest came in.  Everyone stood.

Jarret never took his seat,  immediately launching into a Motion asking the Court to give them a few weeks to review a “disk of an audio tape of Truman Simons and Vic Feazell given to us by Russ Hunt in person yesterday?”

Bernadette Feazell smiled a big smile as a piss shiver ran through both Simons and Feazell and she saw their shoulders heave in spontaneous “oh shit’.

Simons finally quit sucking on his famous toothpick, and as the Judge called Bernadette Feazell to the stand some looked on in wonder,  Witherspoon lifted a lip in his usual sneer.

All three were sworn in and Vic Feazell and Truman Simons left the Courtroom as they were witnesses after Bernadette Feazell.

They all thought she was truly a fool that day.  What a terrible thing to do to Vic.

Even her own son had it wrong.  He was angry as could be.  He was working for Vic at that time on Waco Drive and his coworkers were Sherre Johnston, and Truman Simons.  That was all well and good except he lived with his mother.

She wasn’t there for them.  No,  she was there to see if she could get an opportunity to get to talk to Anthony Melendez’s terrible attorney,  Walter Reaves from the stand.  She had taken the stand before and was what they call an “uncontrollable witness”,  and everyone knew it.  Reaves had a look of quiet dread on his face.

After testifying that Vic had brought the Graf boxes home,  the Defense for Graf got up,  it wasn’t Reaves it was a small man with reddish hair.

“Now you seem to also think that there is something wrong with the Lake Murder Case,  don’t you,  Mrs. Feazell”,  he said.

She couldn’t believe it,  he had opened a door and she knew how to walk through,  which she did.

She pointed a finger at Reaves and asked why the DNA in the Lake Murder had not been run for 16 years,  she asked about him having possession of the tapes and other things.  Reaves blanched an embarrassed pink a few times,  he knew she was telling the truth but the “Emperor’s New Clothes”,  would not stop.

After she testified,  her son,  Greg Feazell was ridiculed by Simons, Feazell, and Sherre Johnston,  repeatedly at work.  Greg blamed his mother for having his “life made miserable”.  He would just shut himself up at work only to have his father write him and complain about his “Lone Wolf” mentality at the office.

Bernadette Feazell hated it.  Vic liked to hit her through Greg.  There was nothing more he could do to her so he would do it to their son who had become expendable when he also questioned aspects of the Lake Murder.  Same with Truman.  Truman would chew Greg out and ridicule him.  Not to mention what they said about his mother.  Greg sat there helpless.

He had been hit by a car in 2013 and Vic knew,  because Vic was Greg’s lawyer in the case and got Greg’s medical records from Laredo,  that Greg was a heroin addict.

It was the “great unsaid”.

Feazell had been the head of the Methadone Treatment Center at MHMR after someone gave grams instead of milligrams and killed a few folks,  hit the papers all the way to Maine.  Vic Feazell who touted his work helping heroin addicts now just ignored the problem.

Instead of talking to Greg’s mother,  Vic Feazell just did whatever he felt like doing with Greg’s medical care,  whatever hospital Vic wanted,  that’s where Greg Feazell went.  Vic did keep insurance on Greg,  he has to have credit for that especially considering Greg was hit by a car,  had brain surgery,  and even a cadaver part.  The whole recovery took well over a year.

However,  there is an Opiate problem in the United States and Greg Feazell was a heroin addict.

Sherre gave Greg hell,  they all did.

Sherre was hiding a little secret, however,  her own daughter was a heroin addict.

Bermadette Feazell testified in Graf in October of 2014.  In December of 2014,  Walter Reaves and Fredric Dannen wrote and filed a “Clemency Petition” on Anthony Melendez’s behalf.

She thought she’d succeeded even if Tommy Witherspoon said that the “general consensus of the Courthouse is that Bernadette Feazell was lying”.

After hearing about Russ Hunt giving the tape to the DA’s office,  one would think that they would have listened to it and gotten back with Russ.

They didn’t.

Seems Abel Reyna just wasn’t interested in what Russ Hunt Sr. thought was important enough to give them in person.

Now we find,  once again,  another Sherre Johnston connection with Abel Reyna.

Did Parnell have to call Abel to come away from hunting to help him calm down Sherre Johnston who went to the hospital?

All that trouble moving Mike McNamara’s dead body the Sheriff went through only to have Sherre Johnston show up wanting to see the corpse,  this,  with a hall full of Mike McNamara’s friends and family.  Everyone knows who they are.

So,  we have Sherre connected with Abel Reyna,  she is quoted in an offense report saying that “nothing” will happen to her because she “knows” him.  Sure enough nothing has.

In 2015  Vic Feazell had Gregory Feazell put in jail on a felony.

Four months later,  his mother saved up enough money to get him out so she did.

Vic wrote Reyna three letters,  one wanting his only son to go to jail for five years,  one wanting a 10 year probation,  and the other one with a spelling error that said,  “I think he has been   persecuted   enough”.

The case was later dropped,  Vic went crazy and pretended he didn’t know his son was on heroin and didn’t seem to factor in things like KWTX and Google.  Greg Feazell is now on all those and all over the  internet with the word,  FELONY attached.

Greg Feazell lived with his mother who is 69 years old.  He felt terrible because he couldn’t get a job,  he was ashamed and his dad wouldn’t speak to him.  Finally,  he got involved with a roommate squabble that ended in a $40 misdemeanor and back in jail.  He got, got on a bus and moved to Mexico.

Bernadette Feazell figures she has nothing to lose now.

Russ Hunt tried to get Abel Reyna to listen to a tape of Fred Dannen explaining the Lake Murder.

Jan Thompson tried to find that tape and fought to have the DNA run for over 20 years.

Leon Cheney wanted his friend,   Parnell McNamara to help break the Lake Case open.

Same people,  over and over again,  same dalliances,  same allegiances.

The truth has no reason to stay hidden when people can read and connect the dots to the incredible connections and total hypocrisy.

Run Jill Montgomery’s fingernails for DNA, produce that tape,  let the people hear and see everything and decide.





46 thoughts on “SELECTIVE PROSECUTION?: Russ Hunt, Waco Attorney takes evidence to Reyna in Lake Case on tape

  1. For 35 years I have wanted to know what really happened that night in Waco. I realize that people handle mourning and grief in many different ways.
    I will feel some peace when I learn the answers to questions I have had all these years.
    Jill and her friends were tortured and brutally killed. Those crime scene photos stay fresh in my mind. Will I ever know ? Maybe not, but I never give up chasing the truth

  2. Berni,
    You have numerous errors and false statements in this little gossip article you wrote. I’m very sorry that Vic hurt you 30 years ago, and you can’t move on , and want to be vindictive.
    I have always been kind to Greg. I let him have money , and tried to help him. I’m not hiding any little secrets . My daughter is back to normal, and doing great . She has a testimony I am not ashamed of Sharing. We both do. We hope to help others with our story of redemption . I’m sorry that you insist on being bitter and vindictive, and constantly trying to have your 5 seconds of fame . I refuse to allow myself to become like you .
    I’ve made a lot of mistakes , and they’ve been very painful, but I’ve learned a lot and will hopefully be able to help others through my experience . I’m going to build people up , not tear them down.
    All of this drama is just that ….ridiculous drama, and lies.
    Greg and I keep in touch, and he knows I’m here for him.
    Good luck to you .

    • Thanks for writing Sherre, if you think Vic Feazell was so wonderful I miss him, you are sillier than thought. Your husband gets YOU out of jail, my ex puts my kid in. I never cheated on my husband, never got a DWI, never rode around with a gun. My life is my own and if you have paperwork that contradicts me, put it up here. YOU, Vic, Truman messed with Greg to mess with me, you can’t do that anymore and now I am coming after you, all of you. Big GOD hypocrites that’s what the three of you are. I am not impressed. You have proof, put it up here, otherwise, go lay on a grave. Ruin a funeral, make a fool of yourself IN PUBLIC. Go give John Johnston, a good husband and father some attention, he is a better man than Truman Simons and Vic Feazell. You are the lucky one and a fool to boot. Fuck you.

    • Please let us know the disposition of your criminal cases, we think FIVE DWI’s means jail time, we also would like to know if you have been indicted for the burglary at the Sheriff’s house. We think they gave you that stuff as your lovers and you’re going to walk on that one. Are you sleeping with Reyna also? What is “robocalling” you were charged with that in San Antonio. You called Greg and asked him to tell me to stop writing about you … he told you he wouldn’t do that. I am no man’s woman, little girl, you want to believe that Vic was so wonderful I miss him? No, he like you exposed me to social diseases and like you’ve done to your husband and family, public ridicule. Worry about Gatesville prison. Idiot.

    • so my story about you and Mike Mc is true, you haven’t said a word about THAT being wrong, just this. Means so much to you? Really? You still cheating on John? Will see you at Mike’s gravesite September 1? Write to Charlotte Mc, I’m sure she’s crazy about you too. Lots of people help me, Sherre, seems you “get around” and having affairs with Church members hubbies is not beyond you either. You, like Truman and Vic like a LOT of attention and obviously as Narcissists need love from a large group. Sober up, put down the pills, realize your age and don’t put emotions on me, you don’t know me, never have. You, and them, only look at yourselves and the rest of us, me and John Johnston are just here to maintain your bullshit. Not me. I’m not like John, cheating spouse? Gone.

      • Drugs and pills are your thing. Not mine. I have no idea what robocalling is, or what San Antonio has to do with it. I do not have 5 DWI’s, . The majority of the ranting going on here is just not true. This is the last time you’ll hear from me on here. Good luck

      • Hey, stupid, the next time you write my son I go see your son and daughter and worse. How stupid are you? Maybe I’ll go have a chat with Charlotte etc. Since you cannot figure out how you fit in, look at the newest site, Idiot, deposition coming your way. duhhh.

      • Vic’s calling my friends saying you’re going to sue me and feeling oh, so sorry for you. He likes hiding behind weak women. Guess he didn’t know you sent a text saying how you didn’t call 911 immediately. Hmmm… during deposition, we’ll ask you about that. Remember, you, Vic, Truman, all one person. Try me.

    • Greg is gone, the FELONY did it. He will not be back. NOW, your other buddy, Vic, is writing to Christine Juhl and Gayle as “Brian Lewis”, sneaky little thing. Vic has not spoken to Greg in over two years. Greg is clean. Funny how when Greg was messed up Vic talked to him and helped him. Unless Vic makes up with Greg I will be unhappy, you, unfortunately, are the easy one to fk with, they’re not. Vic’s going to get all three of you in deeper, if that’s possible. When I was sick in Austin and Brent called the LOVF and told Greg, Vic and Truman told Greg that I was faking. That’s the kind of people they are. I wasn’t faking and I am not faking now. Vic needs to fix his relationships before it’s too late. So do you. You need to drop them and apologize to your husband. If not, I have plenty of your emails. I also don’t care what you try to do to me. Haven’t for years. You do not see how they use you and never have. I’m coming. I have an army of truth.

    • Vic was horrible to Greg again, so, since you all are the same person, see you in court, I won’t be alone. I can’t hurt Mr. Money, but there is always you and Truck Shredder, see you in court. xoxoxoxo talk to little Vic, he acts up I hit you…..love it. 20 years I’ve waited, now….jpay?


    • Still hitting at Greg to get to me. Wow. You just don’t learn. That’s how you and Truman and Vic have operated for years. THAT’s why I am so mad………..and merciless. You have no friends, they send me stuff on you all the time. You sleep with other women’s hubbies from church. Where do you think I get this stuff?

    • Probably, Truman and Vic shouldn’tve teamed up to put Greg in jail. They wanted him to do 5 years in prison. Prison. Vic used his influence with Abel to put Greg in jail, you used your influence etc. to stay out of jail for all manner of mayhem, and Truman hides behind young women like you. I told you I had an army, you’re the easy one. Low hanging fruit. Vic, pretty easy too, same for little mean purple Truman. Everywhere you go, people may smile at you but they know you. The three of you had a good time gossiping about me, telling people I was on drugs and isolating me from friends. Vic tells people on Facebook that it wasn’t him who gave Greg GHB. Vic’s little wife obviously doesn’t care what a liar he is, $$$. Now you’ll be prosecuted, Reyna has to do something with your cases. You’ll finally show up on the docket. I was used by them. Sadly, you have been too, just too fkng stupid to know it yet. Whomever decided to put Greg in jail in 2015 messed up. It’s real now. Not just cyber. Enjoy. Bern You asses put my kid in jail, and had the nerve to go after 5 in prison. Fuck you all, I’m not alone.

  4. No one wanted to hear from you in the first place. Dizzy Bitch, can’t Truman take up for himself? DWI’s, you have them Public Record and Mugshots. Oh, burglarizing the Sheriff’s place got you on Channel 10.

  5. Sherre, 23andME will help you find your dad. It also connects you to your real family on Facebook. I have loved it. This week I found out my aunt is my mother and my cousin is my brother. It’s great. You’re a man’s woman. I am a woman’s woman. It is a shame that you have fixed it to where you, Truman, and Vic are the same person but so be it.
    I loved you once as I loved them. None of you are or were real just the good I saw in you. You all taught me well. I’m coming and it won’t be nice, and I have an army with me now.

  6. I missed seeing you today. John, some of my friends, were all there waiting to see that very very sick, evil redhead who has a distorted view of reality. Who doesn’t have a life , so she wants to be involved in mine. I’m not Vic or Truman. I haven’t seen Vic in almost three years. I also now know that you were never my mothers friend. Her family warned me about you. You use people. You’re not anyone’s friend. You’re too evil and insane. I never want to be anything like you. Have you thought about getting a job, instead of living on welfare? You squandered millions of dollars on men and drugs, and now you want everyone to feel sorry for you. Sue me Berni. why would I sue you? You have nothing. I’d love to give my deposition to a real lawyer, not an idiot who does nothing but make up fairy tales. Of course, Fisk is just as sick, bitter, and jealous as you are. Birds of a feather.

    • It’s about drunk driving, not me, not your mom, not John, it’s about DWI’s and who gets away with it and who doesn’t. It’s also about being a bit remorseful for breaking the law one would think.

      • They ALL went . This isn’t about dwi’s. This is about you being vindictive , evil, and pathetic. You always have your own agenda. You are too cowardly and stupid to really go after the big boys, so you go after me, who you consider easy prey. You need serious psychiatric help, berni. Actually, we all think you need an Exorcism. My feelings and my life are NOT your concern. I drank for two years . Two years out of my entire life. I finally accepted that I needed counseling and help, and I’ve been getting it.
        In your sick , distorted mind, you think you can get to your ex husband through me. I haven’t seen Vic in 3 years .
        This is about YOU and your crazy agenda. You’re always trying to be SOMEBODY. You’re always trying to get attention. You don’t care about the bikers . You’re just trying to use people. I think the male bikers are smart enough to realize that . You told Greg you’re a “biker icon” and you’re going to make money off of this. You’re never going to be any kind of icon. What an idiotic thing to think .
        I’m at peace with my sentence , and ready to move on and help others . As usual, you didn’t get what you wanted . In the end, evil never wins .
        You accuse me of having sex with all of these men . That’s very ironic, when you had to PAY men to have sex with you . Men for sex, and drugs. That’s why you’re broke

      • I have no criminal records and whatever you want to post is fine with me, you go.
        I do not drive drunk, I did not cheat on my spouse and most insane things I ever did happened out of Texas, therefore they never happened at all. It’s about you fucking your way to the top, not me. You’re NOW, hell, just went crazy at the McNamara shed not a year ago, I’m old news. You just got pictured with your Lover by deposition yesterday. Fuck, you’re bulletproof. congratulations. I am not making someone miserable….well, maybe you, but you live with a miserable man, what man could like being made a fool of every single fucking day. Is this what they let go by at WOODWAY Baptist if you just confess weekly for attention? Kisses.

      • It’s hilarious that you call me a whore. You had to pay men to have sex with you , and you did it often. We’re all lucky you don’t have the money to do that in Waco. You even had sex with weird little Fred Dannen. He had a lot of unpleasant things to say about that experience. You’ve had sex with Jim Parks. He’s scared of you and says you’re sick. Even your fellow bloggers think you’re nuts.
        You started this by blaming me for Gregs problems. He admits I’ve never done anything to him. I would pay to have him brought back here. He doesn’t want to be here. I don’t blame him. He has to love you from afar. Because you are full of venom and hate. His words, not mine. YOU are the biggest hipocrite of ALL of us. You want to judge others when you have so many skeletons in your closet, it won’t shut. You are also committing felonies. And you call ME stupid? That’s also very funny . Good luck

      • I know why you can’t go back to Mexico. Lucky for Greg. You won’t be able to freeload off of him anymore

      • Yep, all my fault, you are totally right, I am terrible, going to hell, and should be avoided at all costs. My son’s heroin addiction is my fault, I am a terrible mother, and there’s no hope. I am awful and toxic and people should stay away. That said, I am not driving drunk, have no record, would NEVER burglarize the sheriff’s shed and if I did the crime I could do the time. Bring it on, I’m horrid, always have been, I don’t care about your kind of “goodness”, and have much bigger, better enemies than you. Have at, I deserve it and you just go make yourself known. No problem.

      • How many married men have you had affairs with B. We know of numerous men. We know all about old Doug, many others. Your drug charges….yep. On and on…..soooooo much info. , WITH proof. You had a warrant out for you and left the country . Apparently , you’ve always been a coward . Who are YOU apologizing to?

      • It obviously does bother you, are you wouldn’t be cussing your son out and blaming HIM for the slimy life you’re living. Get a life. Mind your own business . Judging others and lying about them isn’t going to make you “somebody”. You’re too old and pathetic. Nobody cares about Lake Waco anymore. It’s old news. They’re all dead. What happened to your “biker cause”. You couldn’t get any money out of them? Jim Parks is actually printing interesting articles , and you can’t keep up? Obviously. Old Doug and all of the other married men you tried to steal definitely don’t want you . Get a life before it’s too late

    • lt’s been brought to my attention that you are STILL fixated and obsessed with me.(yawn) I’m sorry. I have a great group of female friends , but I’m not a lesbian. You’ll have to
      look elsewhere. I’m still just living my life, and trying to help others.

    • They created the problem by letting her off too many different charges. When Mike died with her, it started everything tumbling. Unfortunately, for Sherre, she’s just the most obvious example with the SIX DWI’s. I don’t think any woman becomes that “gun happy” either where she thinks having her picture made with a .45 is “cute” too, she was already 50 years old and taking photos with a gun. Sherre is pretty and partied with the big boys, got passed around and now is older and feels pushed around. However, she was one lucky woman, John seemed to be a good father and quite loyal. I envy her that.

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